Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max Vacuum Review (2022)

A wet-dry vac you’ll enjoy using to clean your home.

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What We Like
  • So long as the vacuum's directions are followed, the self-cleaning function will work flawlessly
  • After mopping, the floors can be dried by passing the vacuum over the washed area once more
  • Can vacuum and mop at the same time
  • Has an indicator that shows how much charge is left every ten minutes
  • As the machine is cordless users have more freedom to move about, especially in large homes
What We Don't Like
  • The battery will last for approximately thirty minutes
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The Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max Vacuum makes cleaning easy.

Within the last ten years, the technological progression of vacuums has increased dramatically.

There's a vacuum out there for literally every kind of household and every type of cleaner.

Some of them are geared more for people that prefer spot cleaning.

The Bissell CrossWave Vacuum is the leading product in this line of new multi-purpose cleaners and comes jam-packed with features that some might find surprising.

Use it on your stairways, apartment, or home. It runs off battery power and goes to whatever destination you want to clean.

Below is an in-depth review of the Bissell CrossWave, including its features, benefits, competitors, and more.

You'll know all there is to know about this high-end cleaning tool, and how it's beneficial to anyone's cleaning routine.

Bottom Line

Included with the 2554A are a couple of cleaners, some for hardwood floors and the others for every floor in your house.

They're not very large so you'll want to stock up on more, especially if you intend to carry out daily cleaning with the machine.

They smell good but aren't overpowering, a light scent that won't irritate animals, small children, or most that are sensitive to the smell of harsher chemicals.

When you're done with the cleaning, there will be no lingering odors. They're not the kind of bottle that'll force you to open a window whenever you're making the cleaning rounds around your house.

And for that reason, the 2554A is strongly recommended for anyone living in a region that stays cold for a significant part of the year.

Finally, a vacuum and mop that'll keep you from blowing in cold air in the middle of the winter.

The parts included with the 2554A are two brush rolls. Other than the cleaning formulas, that's it.

But there's nothing else needed for the machine. No hose attachments. No cheap accessories that you probably wouldn't even use are given.

The 2554A has a battery indicator close to the handle. It lets you know about its power levels after ten minutes passes.

For most jobs, the lithium-ion battery will run for about thirty minutes. It could go for longer if you factor in the number of times that you stop, or keep the machine stationary. The vacuum is what depleted most of the power.

There's even an application by Bissell for this machine. You can monitor your activity done with the vacuum and order additional supplies as they're needed.

It's a neat thing but probably won't be used very much by the average buyer. Nevertheless, the addition is nice and shows how much Bissell is willing to go for their product to evolve into being "smart" vacuums.

Unfortunately, the application itself feels more like a way for Bissell to encourage the users of the machine to stick to formulas made only by them.

Admittedly, they are good cleaning products so it's a possibility that you could find yourself checking out the application more than you think, and not only for the vacuum's usage stats.

Even with the vacuum being self-cleaning, you'll still have to remove water from some of the interior appliances, which involves several steps. The roller, two of them included in the package, are the pieces requiring no cleaning.

Everything else should be rinsed and dried by the machine to work properly. And by everything else, the base, filter, and tank.

So while cleaning is quick, doing the necessary prep to ensure that the product works well on the next go involves some work, which should be gone over in the included instruction manual.

11.25 pounds
10 x 10.25 x 45.5 inches
Battery Life
30 minutes
2 years
Tank Capacity
0.15 gal
Coverage Per Tank
1-2 hours before emptying

Setup Process

Described in the section above was a briefing on the process that must be done before cleaning with the 2554A.

The initial setup of the vacuum doesn't apply. But to preface, there's nothing for you to clean when cleaning with the 2554A on the very first go. Just assemble according to the instructions provided and that's it.

However, setup and preparation after that are what's most important. If done incorrectly, the machine won't mops or vacuums as well as it does when all pieces are refreshed. Again, the brush is self-cleaning, but that's all.

When you've used the machine. Remember to take these measures after cleaning:

  • Remove the roller - take out the roller and set it on top of the dock, the one that serves as a base for the entire vacuum. There's a drying section for it, which is where the roller should be set out until all the moisture is gone. Try getting into the habit of doing this since leaving it in the machine would cause it to develop an odor. Always remove the roller before taking out the tank.
  • Keep the dock dry - The dock for the 2554A is built to accommodate the unit until the next time it's used but must be dried out before being stored since other wet parts will make it water-strewn.
  • Drying the filters - This is where it gets a little tricky. The 2554A's dock has no slot for the filters. You'll have to either find a place to put them temporarily or build your dock for them. Drying out the filters can take some time. Give it at least three hours for this to finish. There could also be space issues when drying. It's recommended that you dry the filters away from the dock to keep water from getting all over the place. Placing them in a dry sink is an option.

Don't be surprised if all this seems a bit overkill on the first go. But as you use the machine, it'll become second nature, and getting all the parts dried and clean won't take you too long. Self-cleaning is part of the 2554A's features but drying everything after the self-clean is necessary for it to automate this into perpetuity.


Ready to clean? This is the easy part. The 2554A is a lot like a lawnmower in this regard, at least by how it's started. It must be primed before activating by pressing the switch at the vacuum's top. This is to siphon the cleaning formula to the roller, which is what's used to mop the floor.

Pressing the switch a couple of times will help the roller become damp to the level needed to clean a hard floor. At times, only one section of the roller could be soaked with formula.

All of this should be done while the vacuum remains in the dock. If done while it's already on the floor, chances of the roller having uneven formula distribution become higher.

Doing this also keeps annoying streaks from showing up on the floor after it's dry. For more formula, you can press the button on the top as you move it around.

As this is a battery-controlled unit, the role moves automatically, even when you're stationary. When going on the carpet, press it again and the roller raises itself and ceases to take on more formula.


Lightweight Design

If you've seen photos of the 2554A, it's probably not surprising to know that the vacuum weighs only 11 pounds.

But when held during operation, it feels even lighter.

You can travel across a large home with the machine and even break a sweat, even if you vacuum or mop without the AC running.

Quiet Operation

Listening to an old vacuum cleaner is about the same as hearing a blender grind up food at full power.

It gets annoying really quick, sometimes to a pitch that'll cause short-term tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

The 2554A purrs as a soft hum, and nothing else.

You can operate it at any time of the day and people in other rooms nearby would barely hear anything.

This is considering when you vacuum. As the ruler cuts on and begins to mop your hard floors, it's even quieter.

It's worth a buy based on the lack of noise it produces alone.

People that are close to you will hear it but you're not going to get any complaints about the noise when you break it out late into the evening hours.

On another note, this is probably the only vacuum where you won't find your pets running away when turned on.

The noise it emits is light around dogs and doesn't irritate their hearing.

Parts Come Off Easily

As you may have guessed, there are quite a few parts that go with the 2554A.

All vacuums have parts, but some of them are extremely hard to disassemble.

If you or anyone you know is disabled, the roller, filters, and containers all come off with little strength.

Taking them off the body and moving the vacuum to the dock for charging won't be painless.

Unless you're used to cleaning with a basic sweeper mop, it's unlikely you've even handled a vacuum or mop that's easier to move than the 2554A.

Strong Suction

Put the 2554A on your carpet and watch as it lifts all the things you see that are making your carpets dirty, and what you don't. Small cat hairs, dog hair, and dirt from outside come up quick, even when traveling over rugs.

Great For Stairs

This ties in with the weight of the machine. Stairs are sometimes neglected by residents since cleaning them is oftentimes difficult with heavy vacuums.

As this is both a vacuum and a mop, the type of stars you have is irrelevant. Lift the vacuum with one hand as you go up, it'll get all the dirt from the corners of your stairs out in one easy pass.

Good Placement Of Buttons

All of the buttons that control and activate different features on the 2554A are placed in the perfect spots. It's great for people staying in places with a combination of both hard and carpeted floors.

Press the trigger when you're on tile or wood, and the roller mops. As you make your way towards a rug or an area that's carpeted, hit the button to activate the vacuum, and the mop stops immediately.

Be warned that the power button is very close to the one that controls the mop. Look at what you're doing when you press either to ensure you don't end up with cleaning formula in an area you didn't plan to treat with it.


The 2554A is designed in a beautiful way that's easy to hold and navigate on any floor.

Its curved handle is long but not overreaching towards the direction of the user when cleaning. All parts are transparent and conspicuous.

If there's something you want to look at, you don't have to take the entire vacuum apart to view it.

This applies to the roller as well, which visibly reveals how well it holds up when you run it over a hardwood or tile floor.

Although transparent, the vacuum has turquoise highlights around the tanks, buttons, roller, and pivoting sections of the machine.

The rest is finished in a shiny black, giving it the appearance of a traditional vacuum and cleaner hybrid, which it is.


This is a mid-range vacuum. You'll find other units similar to this that are cheaper and more expensive.

This places the 2554A in a position where the user gets the best of everything, saving by not spending too much on an overpriced piece of plastic and features not commonly provided by some of its cheaper competitors.


Since this retails between $300-$400, consumers expect a product that works, something good enough to do what it claims to do.

This is true for the 2554A. But be mindful to not get confused by the self-cleaning claim when you're stacking it against other options. It cleans itself out but doesn't dry.


Product Name: 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max All in One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Product Brand: BISSELL

Weight: 11.25 pounds

Product Dimensions: 10 x 10.25 x 45.5 inches

Color: Black

What’s Included: 2 small cleaners, 2 Hard Floor Tough Mess and Odor Eliminator Cleaners, 2 Brush Rolls.

Warranty: 2 years

Final Verdict

The 2554A's weight is light enough for anyone to handle. On a tank that's filled with solution, you can expect it to increase its weight by around 8 ounces, giving it a combined total of a little over 12 pounds.

After you're done with the vacuum and mopping action, go over the floors again if you're the kind of person that hates waiting forever for them to dry.

Just pass it over the wet area and you'll end up with a floor that's cleaner than any traditional mop can manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Bissell CrossWave and the CrossWave Max?

There are no self-cleaning features with the CrossWave. All interior pieces must be rinsed and dried out by hand. No WiFi is provided, either.

You can’t read stats concerning your usage of the CrossWave from your smartphone.

The biggest difference is that the Crosswave is corded and reliant on AC power when active, while the CrossWave Max is wireless.

Is the Bissell CrossWave worth it?

For its ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously? Yes. Your floors will look great, no matter if they're tile, hardwood, or carpet.

Can you use the Bissell CrossWave Max without water?

Yes. The vacuum requires no water and sucks up dirt with a motor. The roller pauses operation when or carpet so that nothing gets the fabric wet.


Many of the people that have tried out the 2554A are enthralled by the level of detail that was given to the vacuum.

It's built well and has interior parts that are built to last for years, even if used daily. It's a mop and a vacuum, swiftly sucking up first as the formula sprays in the direction you want to clean.

When on the carpet, just pause the spray and stick to the vacuum. The function is strong and the height of its head is just right.

You'll fit it underneath all of your couches, stands, beds, and dresser drawers. Say goodbye to floors that are only partially cleaned.