Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner Review

Pet stains and dust are no match for this carpet cleaner.

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What We Like
  • Doesn't leave any soap on the carpet, making finished floors appear much softer
  • Has a simple pull and push appliance for refilling and emptying the reservoir
  • The vacuum leaves no parts unreachable during cleaning and completely disassembles for access to the interior
  • Has a cleaning utensil for every purpose required to clean carpets and upholstery
  • Dirty water has its own separate slot and never mixes with the clean water tank
What We Don't Like
  • The dirty water side of the tank is smaller than the clean water tank
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The Bissell ProHeat 2X Pet Pro is one of the best carpet cleaners on the market.

Walk into any home improvement shop, large retailer, or shopping center and you'll find vacuums of both large and small variety being sold.

It doesn't take much to spot them. But what does take time is getting one that can vacuum and wash carpeted floors to a level that's comparable to that of a professional cleaning company.

Finding this isn't easy. Even some of the rental carpet cleaners aren't as powerful as they claim to be.

But the Bissell ProHeat 2X is definitely one that's better than the majority. It has a powerful engine with lots of HP, great function, and is easy to configure according to your style of cleaning.

Here's a look at all that the ProHeat can offer to your floors. Get ready to say goodbye to those annoying pet stains once and for all.

Bottom Line: A Great Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell ProHeat 2X is a remarkable piece of cleaning technology that's a huge sigh of relief for pet owners, people with small children, or anyone with dirty rugs and carpets that haven't been cleaned in a long time.

It's not easy to find carpet cleaners with the number of accessories provided by this product. It's easy to maneuver and the power never lets up.

Like all vacuums and carpet cleaners, the ProHeat 2X isn't perfect, and this will be seen by users with the size differences for compartments within the water tank.

But there's nothing wrong with the cleaner that would justify a complete avoidance of it altogether or at least a serious consideration for purchase.

17.5 pounds
15 x 12.5 x 43.5 inches
Battery Life
Corded design = no batteries necessary
5-year limited warranty
Tank Capacity
1 gallon
Coverage Per Tank
2 hours before emptying

Setup Process: Easy To Do

When the Bissell ProHeat 2X arrives at your door, you'll have to unbox it first. The vacuum itself is close to 18 pounds but feels lighter than it looks, thanks to a balanced weight distribution.

The people behind its design did a lot to ensure that the cleaner doesn't feel heavy. Although a small perk, it's something that anyone suffering from aches and pains in the arms and back could make good use of.

Be sure to read through the instructions provided with the packaging. It's comprehensive, legible, and easy to understand.

If you've never used carpet cleaners like this before, they're essentially the same as a vacuum but slightly heavier, and need water as a cleaning solution to be effective.

The solution on this machine is separate from the water reservoir, and so is the dirty water that comes up during the cleaning phase. But before that, you'll have to finish with its assembly.

To assemble, just place the sides and containers on the main body of the machine. They'll click on when you put them together. No fancy assembly is necessary here, just a quick snap in place is all that it takes.

Performance: Your Home Will Be Cleaner

Performance-wise, your home or apartment floor will come out cleaner than you've ever seen them. Sometimes, the results after a clean are surprising, and maybe even embarrassing for some.

That's because the Bissell ProHeat 2X can lift years of pet hair, pet urine stains, stains from food, and spill from various drinks. But that's not all that comes up. Expect years of dirty being trailed into your living area to no longer be visible.

It's almost identical to what a professional steaming service can do, where the carpets instantly come out brighter and softer after a pass through. When you're done with the carpet, move on to the rugs and fabric furniture.

You can get in between the hard-to-reach spots by taking advantage of the many accessories that come with the cleaner.

One that's sure to be a favorite for pet owners is the 2X Pet Upholstery Tools. This consists of two accessories, both of them brushes that shampoo the carpet just as the bar brush in the cleaner's front does.

Design: Easy To Use & Carry

Most cleaners are translucent and easy for anyone to see what's going on inside the machine as it works.

This will also help you know when things become dirty enough for one of the machines being taken down for cleaning.

Handling is nice as well. It turns as you clean, pivoting in a way that always keeps the cleaner's head level with the floor.

The result of this is a quick shampoo job since the brush always spins on the floor, passing the water from the reservoir over to the dirty side of the tank. You can see when this happens by watching the parts that have little to no opaqueness.

What some might find annoying is the reservoir. Yes, this is a perk and a flaw, and here's why.

When looking at the water reservoir you'll notice two individual slots for clean and dirty water. The clean water can hold a lot but the slot for the dirty liquid cannot, even while it appears to.

When you fill it up and begin to clean, the dirty side of the tank will get high fast, though lower than the line of that section appears to indicate.

When this happens, the tank must be emptied again. As you can imagine, having to make multiple dumps to empty the dirty reservoir can get tiring pretty quickly.

It's not a huge issue for most people since you would end up doing more if you're trying to shampoo a very large home. Because most shampoos only has one or two rooms during a session, the frequency of stops will go down or cease altogether.

But the good thing about the tank is how quickly it places back on the ProHeat 2X's body. You don't need to look through the manual for this. Just snap it off and it clamps back up when you push it in again.

The cleaning appliances are very well made and can feed cleaning solutions to the brushes.

Each brush is for dog hair but feel free to use it on a sofa that isn't home to any pets. The colors of your upholstery will look noticeably brighter and have zero stains.

The cleaner works wonders on dark stains. Unless you've spilled something such as red wine on a white loveseat, the stain won't take any tiring effort to get up here.

Price: Not Very Affordable Or Expensive

At $299.99, the Bissell ProHeat 2X isn't the cheapest available cleaner. But it is one of the greatest cleaners that you'll find for its value.

Bissell competes with many various brands, some of which have great quality cleaners, too. So what sets this one in front of the rest?

For the price of these products, it's surprising that it's not worth a lot more. Even machines that are pricier than the ProHeat 2X don’t commonly have the number of accessories as this one does.

And accessories for cleaners aren't like the kind normally seen on vacuums. These are built well, dense, and can help save you time by making furniture cleaners a lot easier than using the tried and true rag and floor spray.


Bissell competes with brands such as Hoover, Folex, Dirt Devil, and Rug Doctor. They're all good in many aspects but Bissell has the lead in power, accessories, and the quality of accessories.

Some of those named have cleaners with good tank sizes, something that has been observed by owners to several of them listed.

Some of the cleaners shown are better for floors than furniture, or the other way around.


  1. Product Name: ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro
  2. Product Brand: Bissell
  3. Weight: 17.5 pounds
  4. Product Dimensions: 15 x 12.5 x 43.5 inches
  5. Color: Grey, purple, yellow
  6. What’s Included: Tough Stain Tool, 2x Pet Upholstery Tool, EZ Clean Brush Roll Cover, PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator formula, CleanShot Pretreater
  7. Warranty: 5 years

Final Verdict

You'll love how the Bissell ProHeat 2X avoids leaving soap residue on the carpet after you've finished cleaning.

This is a huge problem for many cleaners, one that can't be fixed without going over the spots again with the solution using water.

The soap that you might have left over from another cleaner is dirt lingering in the carpet that the machine couldn't get up.

Leave it on the floor and it could dry out the rug, resulting in more loose threads, floors that appear to feel drier than normal, and a shorter carpet lifetime.

The latter would take several instances to do this over the years, but the risk remains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Bissell ProHeat dry the carpet?

The only way to dry the carpet with the Bissell ProHeat 2X is to make several passes over the floor until the material is damp.

It won't come out entirely dry but it will help the moisture evaporate a bit quicker than normal. For people with large floors, this is best done with a fan or a heater of some sort.

So long as you're not leaving the carpets soaking wet after you clean, there isn't a chance of mold having the time to develop and grow.

On most occasions, the ProHeat 2X will dry out the carpet well enough for it to evaporate all moisture in about 30 minutes.

Try opening the windows if you don't want to use a fan or heat source for this. You can also tell if any spots weren't thoroughly cleaned when you notice an odor in the wet spots that you already cleaned.

Can you use the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro as a vacuum?

For this to work, the water shouldn’t be placed into he reservoir. However, it’s not recommended for this purpose.

There are wet and dry vacuums sold specifically for people that need a combination of the two.

What is the difference between Bissell ProHeat models?

Bissell manufactures several carpet cleaners, some of them a part of the series to which the ProHeat 2X belongs.

Most of the similarities are easy to notice. Most of them harbor the same shape, and sometimes identical accessories.

But the difference between this and other Proheat cleaners are water tank capacity, the length of the cord, and the type of surfaces they work best in.

  • Tank Capacity - ProHeat 2X capacity is one gallon. That's smaller and larger than some of the Bissell cleaners. The Powerbrush Pet has only 1/2 a gallon, and the Revolution Pet being the same. A larger model called the Big Green can take 1.75 gallons.
  • Rugs and Carpets - Not all of the ProHeat models are good for rugs. Some of them are best when used on carpets or furniture. Rugs tend to be made out of different materials than an ordinary carpet. Carpets are looser and more prone to getting pet hair deeply embedded into their fibers. Rugs can have this if made the same. But oriental rugs are where research would have to be done. Some of these types might also become damaged by carpet cleaners unless it's said to be good on rugs as well. ProHeat contains machines built for all three. The 2X is among those that can safely be moved over all three items.
  • Cord Size and Length - Most carpet cleaners are reliant on AC power to run. That means the plug should be long enough to make any outlet in your home within easy reach of the area you intend to shampoo. Shop around and you'll find that a common length for the cords is 20 feet. Sometimes, the length may go up to 30 feet but rarely higher than that.  The objective is to find a cleaner that has a cord length set higher than the average reaching distance you'll plug it into the most.

Can Bissell carpet cleaners take any shampoo?

With the ever-evolving nature of product warranty stipulations, one must be careful when making adjustments and changes to products that are still under a limited warranty period.

When warranties are voided, it means that the product is no longer able to be replaced or repaired by a company free of charge.

The easiest way to avoid this is by running questions to the manufacturer of the product. Although the subject is Bissell cleaners, this is good advice for any purchase made, especially a pricy one.

On a good note, Bissell comes with a five-year limited warranty period. Customers are automatically registered after making a purchase. To confirm that registration has been done, you can visit Bissel's website or call to inquire about your warranty.

Going back to the questions, there's no reason why Bissell couldn't take other shampoos, but using them could be a risk of voiding the machine's warranty.

Many brands that produce cleaners would prefer that only their brands of shampoo be mixed into their cleaners.

Since not everyone can or will do this, it's a hesitant suggestion for some. If you must use an off-brand shampoo, try to look for one that others have used for the same Bissell product, something you know won't cause any strain or issues on the machine's interior parts.

Can cleaners do an equal or better job than a professional cleaning service?

This question would typically be answered with bias, either from the cleaning service's bias or the bias of the company producing the cleaning devices.

Professional services often have tools that are high-end, powerful, and difficult for the average homeowner to obtain and store.

But carpet cleaners are now serious contenders with professional services, to the point where users of the Bissell ProHeat 2X have canceled their monthly services and left the job to products they trust to do a comparatively good run at restoring life to the dirtiest of floors.


Bissell made a name for itself a long time ago. The brand has many continuing and discontinued series products under its belt.

But their quality of products has remained the same since the company's beginnings.

The Bissell ProHeat 2X is far from the only great carpet cleaner, either with them or other competing brands. But anyone that settles on this will know that they made the correct choice when they turn it on for the first time.

It'll pick up dirt and grime that you didn't know existed, and extinguish the smells of pet hair and pet odors around the house for good.

It comes with all the accessories you need to get started with the unit right away, including a small bottle of cleaning solution. Just fill the reservoir with water, find a place to start your cleaning, and your floors will breathe fresh air from that moment forward.