Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner Review

Get rid of dirty carpets and floors all around your home.

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What We Like
  • Easy to move the unit regardless of how full the tank and dispenser are
  • Takes away the need to manually spot clean with rags when carpets and furniture are stained
  • Doesn't feel heavier than its 13-pound weight specification
  • Sucking water from the hose to the inside effortlessly keeps it clean
  • When used with a good detergent, can effectively get rid of pet stains and their odors
What We Don't Like
  • Not great for people with back pain
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The Bissell SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner leaves dirt in the dust.

The Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Carpet Cleaner doesn't have the classic look of a vacuum cleaner, but the tools to do jobs that regular vacuums run into trouble with.

Spot cleaning is this cleaner's specialty.

The next time you spill a drink, your pet has an accident, or your child drops their food, just roll this out and the stain will be gone quicker than it appeared.

Keep reading to find out all there is to know about the Bissell Spot Clean Portable Carpet Cleaner, including some helpful purchasing tips.

Bottom Line: Lightweight Carpet Cleaner Gets The Job Done

Though not a unique feature, the fact the 3624 Spot Clean is so well-rounded in its weight is a wonderful tool for anyone to have at the ready, including the disabled.

It weighs slightly more than 13.2 pounds but is easy to carry.

The thick and easy-to-grip handle has much to do with this. The tank is another contributor.

You could fill it up to its entirety and while the weight would increase, it'll never appear to by the person handling it.

The package comes with a small bottle of detergent that's meant to treat pet accidents and pet odor. Pet odor is a common problem, especially for dogs that haven't been trained on where to relieve themselves.

Watch this video to see the SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner being unboxed, and used:

The old-fashioned technique of getting out stains was to spot them with either a brush or rag. It was usually paired with a decent soap.

To get out of the spot as best as possible, people would scrub the area as hard as they could, until what was left was faded out.

Thankfully, you can avoid all of that with the 3624 Spot Clean. If you have furniture that's been stained for various reasons, don't throw it away just yet.

Let this vacuum work and its high-quality accessories attempt to erase those deeply embedded marks first. If you're using a good cleaning solution, it's sure to meet or bypass your expectations.

But what about cleaning?

It doesn't get easier than using this cleaner. Carpet cleaners and carpet spotters are known for getting dirty quickly, the water they handle inside being a breeding ground for all types of mold and bacteria.

You should never let any of your cleaners get to the point of this. But the 3624 Spot Clean can pull up clean water instead of dirt.

When the time comes for cleaning, you can use hot water, letting some pass through the function and making their way over the interior parts of the vacuum. You'll find that the inside stays and looks clean with this procedure.

Before deciding if this spot vacuum will be an appreciated buy, do consider the height of the vacuum.

It's about 14 inches in height, identical to pulling around a carry-on bag at an airport. But for some people with back problems, having to lean over on multiple occasions is not easy at all.

Unless sitting down when changing out the water and adding more, this will have to be don't standing up at some point.

It's still a great vacuum for people with pain issues, but be prepared to either lean over or sit down when preparing for a long session of spot cleaning different parts of your house.

13.2 pounds
10 x 14 x 14 inches
Battery Life
Corded design = no batteries necessary
2 years
Tank Capacity
3/4 gallon
Coverage Per Tank
2-3 hours before emptying

Setup Process: Simple To Follow Instructions

Once you pull the Bissell Spot Clean out for use, be ready to get things going at a rapid pace.

You'll get it assembled with haste. So fast even, that you might think that parts of the machine are missing from the package.

The instructions help you through it if for any reason you or someone else has trouble putting it together.

But truth be told, that's not likely to occur. Take the water tank and add some water.

According to the stain that you're dealing with, you'll need to use hotter or cooler water. Furthermore, some upholstery fabric may become damaged if the water is too hot.

Once you have got that part set up, it'll be time to ensure that everything you need to test its performance is available to you. Gather up your accessories and remember to store them in a location where you won't forget where they are.

Performance: Leaves Dirty Carpets Spotless

The Spot Clean works, and for many, that's all they need in a vacuum cleaner. Here's a look at some of the preference-related advantages, the cleaner's performance, and operation.

First, you must seek out a location on your floor that's stained. Once you have that, You can take the brush accessory and use it over the stain. Allow the brush to thoroughly scrub the affected area.

Spray as you work. If you have the carpet cleaning solution inside the machine, you can spray it at the stain and continue using the brush, after a while, the stain will disappear, and become no more.

You can use the same method on any stain, increasing or lowering the amount of solution and scrubbing you do.

Design: Built With The End User In Mind

Although vacuums are sometimes very pretentious in their design, the Spot Clean is mostly built with the user in mind.

The accessories have long lengths to the vacuum's body and the cord is quite long. Just be sure to not trip over it when you're going the entire thing strewn across the house.

It was built in a way to make it a breeze to keep clean, from the inside and outside. Do note that there are no wheels at the bottom of the vacuum.

If you have to carry it around for a long spell and get bouts of pain in the arms, you should set it up in a central location to where it's going to be used the most.

Price: Affordable For Most

The cost of most spot vacuums ranges from low to high. The lowest tend to break very easily and won't do a great job of removing any of your carpet and furniture stains. The Spot Clean retails for approximately $165.

Alternative spot cleaners in this price range are usually the same as Bissell's model in terms of power and mobility. But price alone should never be the deciding factor.

Some spotters cost about the same, yet aren't recommended for bad international customers or bad warranty policies.

Other spotters in this range are the SpotBot, Rug Doctor, and Black and Decker Cleaner. Some of them are more portable than others but their primary purpose remains the same.


Hoover spot cleaners are probably the closest competitor to Bissell's. It's small and compact and has accessories that come with the vacuum.

There isn't much of a huge difference here, including with the other brands listed that compete with Bissell. Bissell also has other spot vacuums that they sell.

You've probably heard of some of them, such as the ProHeat Portable. The Spot Clean is one step ahead of being portable, or somewhere in between a portable and a small-sized vacuum machine.

The advantages from this are less of a chance of breaking, since its body is heavier, has a stronger motor, and holds more water.


  1. Product Name: 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner - Corded
  2. Product Brand: Bissell
  3. Weight: 13.2 pounds
  4. Product Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 14 inches
  5. Color: Black
  6. What’s Included: Stari tool, Tough Stain Tool, Pro Max cleaning solution
  7. Warranty: 2 years

Final Verdict

The Spot Clean is for people that want to spot clean but do it in a way that increases the chances of completely getting rid of stains.

For many machines and manual scrubbing, the result is a majority of the stain getting out but it remains visible to the naked eye.

It's a machine for people with bright-colored furniture that has dimmed or become dirty from cigarette smoke or a large fireplace.

It's easy to hold and can be cleaned out with hot water to keep the internal components looking new. Its height could take some getting used to by the disabled but it's not a major insignificance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a spot cleaner and portable vacuum cleaners?

Spot cleaners are usually a bit larger than portable cleaners. A portable cleaner is just like a carpet cleaner, only that it's capable of reaching areas that large, robust carpet cleaners have trouble getting to.

They're great for cars since the size is just right for storing in either a glove compartment, center console, or trunk. The portables are great for a homemade? A spot cleaner can do what a portable cleaner does, only that its size is a bit larger and the area being treated is reduced for the student.

What can be done about stubborn stains?

Some stains need special care for them to completely go away. You could use pretreatment to do this before it settles.

When a new stain is made on a carpet, speed should be undertaken to keep it from fully penetrating the material. Never use bleach, especially on color clothing and dirty whites.

Hot water also helps. It can agitate the fine particles in the fabric, making it loosen for easy extraction with a brush that's housed on a spot cleaner. Scrubbing should be done, then followed up by another round of scrubbing mixed with a cleaning solution for milk clothing.

Should I clean my carpet before spot cleaning?

This is ultimately the choice of the homeowner and their cleanup formula. One advantage to cleaning it first is that the stain will already be agitated, especially if people are using warm or hot water in their carpet cleaner's water tank. If so, it could make the spotting job a lot easier on the machine and the user holding it.

But if the area isn't gone over with a larger cleaner, then hot water should be placed into the spotter. Cold water only works for certain fabrics that are sensitive to the water's high temperature. High temps in some materials may over time cause them to fade, much like the sun or bleach.

What are surfaces that I can't use a spot cleaner on?

Spot cleaners are useful on most fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and wool. However, you should try to avoid things like silk sheets on a couch, couches that tear easily, and rugs that are sensitive to damage from brushes.

Of course, you also won't be able to wash any hard surfaces. Spot cleaners are built for soft and porous surfaces only.

Furthermore, be careful with the solutions you mix into the spot clean.

Some of them could be harmful to the machine's function, or could even be strongly discouraged by the company. Most of this would be detailed in the instruction manual of the spotter, or even in the product's description. Some of this is to keep users from unknowingly mixing up harmful chemicals.

But companies also like for consumers to stick to their products and will market their solution with the product. This is why many spotters come with a small supply of the brand's cleaning solution.

Can a spot cleaner replace a carpet cleaner?

No, as the two are completely different machines tasked with different abilities.

A spotter helps rid carpets and upholstery of stains while a carpet cleaner will shampoo and disinfect the entire carpeted floor.

However, some carpet cleaners may possess features that act as spotters, similar to accessories placed on dry vacuums. But this isn't done often.

A carpet cleaner can also get out many stains but doesn't hold up well to stains that are concentrated in one spot. For that, spot cleaners are the best option.

Why are spot cleaners ideal for pets?

Pets are sometimes not trained. And even if they are, it's a common occurrence for dogs and cats to sometimes have accidents on the carpet.

When this happens, it can create odors that almost seem impossible to get out. If you're noticing pet stains after having cleaned the entire carpet, it might be time to try out a spotter.

Spot cleaners are like a magnifying glass, picking up what was left over from a carpet cleaner. T

hey can eliminate the source of an odor this way, focusing instead on the underlying fabric in the carpets that haven't been touched thoroughly by other cleaning tools.

Do spot cleaners work better with pretreatment?

Yes, a pretreatment is done to prepare the stained area by providing it with moisture, killing bacteria, and loosening the bond of substances to the fabric.

Once that's done, the solution inside of the spot cleaner, along with the hot water, will finish what's left of the stain.

It might take until the spot is dry for you to see the results. The discoloration isn't always easy to see on wet carpet and sofas. But if you follow the direction of the pretreatment and the cleaner, no stains should be left.

How does the warranty work with Bissell?

Bissell has a two-year warranty that's either automatically registered during the purchase of their products, or done through their web portal.

To know what constitutes voiding their warranty and what doesn't it's advised that you get in touch with them before making any DIY repairs or adding any substances outside of what they recommend.


Now that you've read about the Bissell Spot Clean, what do you think of it? The machine is proven to wipe out tough stains, even those left dormant for years.

It works best in conjunction with a good carpet and upholstery cleaner. The Spot Clean is the finishing touches to getting an old carpet or sofa back to its like-new state.

There's a lot of competition with Bissel, their spot cleaners and carpet cleaning products sold by the company are always contrasted with other good brands. But they've garnered a great track record, one that customers across the country know and trust.

See what the Spot Clean can do for your home and get one to say goodnight to pet stains and odors for good.