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Electrostatic Backpack Sprayers

WM Ion-Defense Sprayer 16L Electrostatic Disinfecting Backpack

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Ensure a clean workplace for your employees, visitors, and staff with the #1 selling Electrostatic Sprayer. Using electrostatic technology, the Ion Defense Sprayer applies a small negative charge to the liquid disinfectant particles, allowing it to cling to any texture or surface, as well as wrap any hidden areas. With multiple attachments, a 16L tank, the ability to mix a wide variety of disinfectants, and long continuous run time, the Ion Defense Sprayer is specifically designed with your facility in mind to safely and efficiently sanitize as often as necessary. Compatible with any water-based disinfectant, this electrostatic sprayer is a must for anyone wanting to keep their space healthy. The backpack comes with a two spray head option to allow for fine dispersion and long-range cleaning. The wand attachment makes it easy to cover hard to reach areas in all facilities. Use in schools, churches, shospitals, retail centers, buses, etc to keep your customers, visitors, and employees safe and healthy.


• Overall Dimensions: 15 x 7.5 x 21.25 inches
• Weight, Lead-Acid Battery Included: 9 lbs
• Weight, Filled, Lead-Acid Battery Included: 44 lbs
• Tank Capacity: 4.25 Gallons
• Working Voltage: 12V
• Working Pressure: 21-58 psi
• Spray Range: ≤ 15 feet

• Battery: 10Ah (PREMIUM)
• Charger Input/Output Voltage: 120 VAC, 12-14.8 VDC

• Flow Rate: 1.8 Gallons/Hour

• Run Time With Fan: 2 hrs
• Run Time, Pump Only: 10 hours
• Recharge Time: ≤ 1 hr
• Electrostatic Voltage: 15-30 KV
• Droplet Size: ≤ 80 μm


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