January 16, 2022

5 Best Billy Goat Leaf Vacuums For Lawns in 2022

These are the best Billy Goat leaf vacuums for sale.

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Our Top 5 Picks

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The best Billy Goat leaf vacuums make cleaning lawns a breeze.

Using a rake, tarp, and trash bags is a time-consuming manner that no longer has to be done.

With Billy Goat leaf vacuums, lawn cleaning becomes streamlined.

With just one device, you can change your weekly or monthly dread of raking into an enjoyable and much quicker experience.

Here are five Billy Goat leaf vacuums for you to consider buying.

  1. Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum, Mesh Bag with Dust Skirt
  2. Billy Goat Self Propelled Lawn and Litter Vacuum
  3. Billy Goat KV601SP Lawn Vacuum, Green
  4. Billy Goat Self-Propelled Force Blower
  5. Landworks Leaf Blower Manual-Propelled Vacuum
Our Top 5 Picks (Comparison)
Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum, Mesh Bag with Dust Skirt
  • Best Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum
  • Billy Goat
Billy Goat Self Propelled Lawn and Litter Vacuum
  • Best Self Propelled Billy Goat Lawn Vacuum
  • Billy Goat
Billy Goat KV601SP Lawn Vacuum, Green
  • Best Less Expensive Billy Goat Vacuum
  • Billy Goat
Billy Goat Self-Propelled Force Blower
  • Best Powerful Billy Goat Vacuum
  • Billy Goat
Landworks Leaf Blower Manual-Propelled Vacuum
  • Best Billy Goat Vacuum Alternative
  • Landworks

Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum, Mesh Bag with Dust Skirt

Weight: ‎112 pounds

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Dimensions: ‎62 x 26.75 x 42 inches


  • No left-behind leaves on any lawn surface it moves over
  • Can be adjusted according to the height of the user
  • Thanks to its mesh design debris never sticks to the bag when emptying
  • Unlike zippers, the clamps for sealing and opening the bag will never jam
  • Dust doesn't blow in the direction of the user


  • No hose accessories included

Leaf vacuums are a lot like regular vacuums in many ways. They move debris that rests underneath the head towards the inside of the machine with a motor.

Only these vacuums are much stronger than what one normally utilizes in an indoor environment. The Billy Goat KV600 is their signature model, one that stands out as fuel-efficient and easy to turn and maneuver around outdoors.

After assembling it with a wrench, place the vacuum outside around an area where there's a noticeable cluster of leaf material.

Turn it on and nothing that touches the bottom of the feeder will be shown as you approach the area with your feet. Unlike lower-quality leaf blowers, you won't have to pass by most areas more than once to get all the leaves from the ground.

A bag is provided with the KV600. Don't throw it away, it's reusable. Of course, you'll probably have to replace it at some point, but no time soon. As leaves make their way into the bag's interior space, nothing will cling to its surface.

That means you can quickly dispense it into a tarp or another trash bag fast, without needing to scoop up clumps of leaves to get it all out.

Another nice feature on the bag, or lack thereof, is no zippers. Zippers can sometimes get latched on to the bag's material and oftentimes clog from leaf residue. Just clamp down the latches and the bag should stay sealed until you're ready to empty it.

Dust isn't an issue here. While you should still wear some face and mouth protection, don't expect any dust or engine smoke to make its way toward your face.

It's a clean burn and the vacuum's mechanism isn't a huge producer of dust. A must-buy for people experienced with leak vacuums.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "Much better than using a traditional rake."
  2. "My yard will stay clean all through the fall and winter."
  3. "Less workload for people with large lawns."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Billy Goat Self Propelled Lawn and Litter Vacuum

Weight: 141 pounds

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Dimensions: ‎62 x 26.75 x 42 inches


  • Easy to push up grassy inlines
  • Starts up with only one pull on every instance
  • Much faster than raking and tarping
  • Moves forward with little force needed from the operator
  • Strong enough to suck up mulch


  • Not easy to turn around and stays in momentum when on but stationary

Don't be fooled by the thin-looking wheels that are housed on some of the Billy Goat's vacuums.

They're very strong and can safely travel over the roughest of lawns. The TKV650SPH is built like this, lighter than it looks but great for heavy-duty lawn vacuuming work.

Right off the bat, this model is self-propelled, so there's little needed to be done for the device to move around your yard.

You can push it if you want, but the engine does a good job of this on its own, picking up all loose material that's underneath.

When you've primed it and are ready to get it going, Just one pull should be enough. Rarely does it take more than one try to feel enough gas into the engine.

If you're used to raking up leaves, you'll swear off that method and have this appliance in the fall and winter seasons.

Leaves aren't the only thing that the TKV650SPH can pick up. If you have mulch that needs to be moved or packaged, feel free to use this machine for the job.

The suction power on this gas machine is stellar, and this one is proof of that.

Although you can move it around easily or let the engine do most of the pulling, getting it around a sharp turn could be a more difficult task depending on the layout of your lawn.

It has no issues with inclines and can climb up them very fast. But it might be near impossible to turn it around until you back up into a flatter surface.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "I loved it for how fast it starts."
  2. "Makes yard work fun again."
  3. "Effortlessly moves up my hilly property."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Billy Goat KV601SP Lawn Vacuum, Green

Weight: 132.7 pounds

Rating: No rating

Dimensions: 62 x 26.75 x 42.75 inches


  • The engine's volume is lower than most standard leaf vacuums
  • Most parts come assembled when shipped
  • Good control, even when it's 40-gallon bag is full
  • Has a quick chipper speed that mulches up small branches in seconds
  • No zippers on the bag make it easier to dispense


  • The chipper may clog with any plant material that's even slightly wet

Many of Billy Goat's vacuumed machines have strong suction power and durable bags. But some of them like the KV601SP contain extra perks.

Have you ever wanted to mulch some of the debris that you were picking up? It's easy to do provided that you have the right machines to do it with.

But mulch can be large, though some are small enough to fit on other machines, including lawn equipment.

A mulcher is built into the KV601SP, located on the side of the vacuum. With it, you can feed small branches, twigs, and fallen leaves in the machine to create mulch.

No longer will you have to buy mulch at your local lawn care store, just make your own with this vacuum.

The vacuum is almost completely assembled before shipping. You'll have to do a bit of work, but nothing too difficult.

Be prepared to tighten up some of the bolts, however. A couple of wrenches are recommended, but things should stay in place regardless.

Detach the bag when you're done with it. It holds about 40 gallons worth of leaf material. That's enough for a small yard, but get more if yours is larger than the average. The KV601SP has good value and is inexpensive. Get it for a deal that isn't easy to come by.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "Bought it for the vacuum, stayed for the wood chipper."
  2. "This is a must-buy for anyone with lots of strewn twigs around their lawn!"
  3. "Putting it together was easier than I had expected."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Billy Goat Self-Propelled Force Blower

Weight: ‎165 pounds

Rating: 5 stars

Dimensions: ‎58 x 28.5 x 45 inches


  • Can reduce lawn cleanup time by over 50%
  • Guaranteed to start on a single pull
  • Compatible with many cargo carriers for lawnmowers
  • Speed is adjustable when the motor is in operation
  • Good handling when using as a walk-behind


  • Loud motor

Some yard work requires machines that can withstand hilly landscapes, uneven ground, and lots of sticky leaves.

The strength of a leaf vacuum is good, but self-propelled blowers like the Billy Goat F1302SPH are for people that want to cut back on the workload.

Compared to a raking job, this machine will cut back the time that it takes for you to get the yard clean in half, possibly even more. Turn on the motor and let the blower do the rest.

It's strong enough to push everything, including leaves, acorns, pine cones, and small things into one area for you to gather everything together for later dispensing.

For the ingenious types, this will easily sit on a cargo carrier for pulling with a seated mower. This method is a quick way to get leaves off your property without having to rely on bags and tarp. Just blow it out into the street and that's it.

You can change the speed of the blower as it's moving. Increase or lower the adjustments as you make your way past the driveway or sensitive areas in the lawn, such as a garden.

This is a heavy-duty machine meant for use in large lawns with heavy concentrations of dead plant material. But even smaller areas with driveways and dirty plots would result in a cleaned lawn with the F1302SPH in record time.

It's a good alternative to a leaf vacuum but doesn't carry its ease of handling. But don't let that stop you from getting this, especially if you don't want to deal with extending periods of cleaning up your lawn.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "This blower did a cleanup job in one hour which would've taken several hours to achieve."
  2. "Wasn't hard for me to push it when walking around my driveway."
  3. "One of the most efficient ways to clear leaves, hands down."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Landworks Leaf Blower Manual-Propelled Vacuum

Weight: 129.7 pounds

Rating: 4 stars

Dimensions: 26.6 x 22.5 x 22.3 inches


  • Clear away debris for paved, grassy, and sandy surfaces
  • Tires are filled and won't flatten if punctured
  • A comprehensive instruction manual makes it easy to assemble
  • High air volume pushes out debris on every setting
  • Built with steel parts that'll never rust when stored properly


  • Thin padding along the handles isn't thick enough to dampen vibrations when held

The final machine on our list is an alternative to the Billy Goat brand. The company that produces this is known as Landworks, the name of the product is simply named the Leak Blower.

As a stand-behind leaf blower, it's identical in operation and usage to the F1302SPH. It handles driveways well and can quickly blow away more tree debris than you might not expect to see.

Take a look at the body of the blower. What do you notice first? For many, it's the thickness of the tires.

Having tires like this might instantly make one wonder over how long they'll last before getting a flat.

The good news is that this won't be an issue since all tires are entirely solid by design. You can't get a flat tire because it won't ever flatten.

Included with this blower is a detailed instruction manual listing what must be done for maintenance and to keep it running in a good state. But aside from your preferred setting, the blower will move air out of the machine fast.

Handling is good but the handle on the machine could be thicker. There are lots of vibrations around the piece that must be held, to the point where someone sensitive to intense vibrations could develop essential tremors.

The majority of the machine is made of steel parts. They're high in quality and very reliable, keeping the machine strong.

Get one to go along with your Green Leaf vacuum, or use it when there are too many leaves for you to handle with a couple of bags.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "No worries over flat tires again."
  2. "The wheels are easy to push when the blower is turned on."
  3. "This blower will last for a long time."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Our Top 5 Picks (Comparison)
Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum, Mesh Bag with Dust Skirt
  • Best Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum
  • Billy Goat
Billy Goat Self Propelled Lawn and Litter Vacuum
  • Best Self Propelled Billy Goat Lawn Vacuum
  • Billy Goat
Billy Goat KV601SP Lawn Vacuum, Green
  • Best Less Expensive Billy Goat Vacuum
  • Billy Goat
Billy Goat Self-Propelled Force Blower
  • Best Powerful Billy Goat Vacuum
  • Billy Goat
Landworks Leaf Blower Manual-Propelled Vacuum
  • Best Billy Goat Vacuum Alternative
  • Landworks

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Billy Goat vacuums any good?

A good quality leaf vacuum isn't the one that's the most expensive, or even with an appalling look. Visual presentation is nice but it shouldn't define a serious product such as a leaf blower.

The factors that matter when deciding if a product and its brand is worth buying boils down to trust, quality, and the value customers get out of it. Billy Goat has all three of these and lots more to offer, both to experienced landscapers and homeowners looking for an easier way to keep their yard clean in the late and early months of the year.

Billy Goat produces leaf vacuums with a quality that you would find in other name-brand lawn equipment. Their bodies are durable, equipped with engines that are easy to turn on and maintain.

Some Green Leaf products require a good amount of fuel to keep them running. Take this into consideration before buying. If you're accustomed to keeping fuel in your garage for other tools, this shouldn't be a problem.

But for someone new to this type or others that are similar, be sure to have a couple of gallons of gas on hand. For the average-sized yard, a gallon or two should suffice in getting rid of all the leaves without needing a refuel on the same run. But more than enough is recommended.

One neat thing about Billy Goat vacuums is their variety. Some of them contain self-operating features that keep the user from having to break a sweat just to vacuum their yard.

The self-driving vacuums are easy to spot and are always noted when the product's info is highlighted. Another feature is wood chippers.

These are the same as the large units that you may have seen utility, landscape, and construction workers use to clear out vegetation or cut trees. When placed on a leaf vacuum, it opens up a window of opportunity for you to create your mulch instead of buying it in a store.

Speaking of which, many Billy Goat vacuums will pick up your existing mulch from the ground. If there's any old or loose debris that you have lying around, their vacuums are guaranteed to pick it up.

Billy Goat also produces blowers, the kind with wheels that move by pushing or left stationary. They retail at about the same value as the leaf vacuums but are better for larger yards, or those with a large amount of fallen leak and plant debris.

These are strong enough to blow away most dead material. That means everything from cones, some shrubs, and loose grasses can make its way towards the direction where the user moves the blower.

Being an alternative to the leaf blower, it works even better when both are used in one clean-up detail. But individually, they both can shorten up the time it takes for one to clean a yard with normal gardening tools.

Which Billy Goat vacuums pick up acorns?

All of Billy Goat's vacuums will pick up acorns from the ground, but the KV600 can do this at an outstanding rate. It'll never clog and has great handling and a dispensing cycle.

Other common items that'll make it through the vacuum's chute or gumballs, all manner of berries, and pine leaves. If you have an acorn tree in your front and backyard, this will pick them up for you to keep or throw away.

As the vacuum makes its way over the ground that's littered with acorns, you can expect nothing to shoot out of the vacuum. It doesn't present an eye hazard but like any lawn tool, it remains a suggested idea that you protect yourself from any potential injuries.

Do Billy Goat vacuums mulch?

Yes, Billy Goat vacuums with a wood chipper attachment can mulch up leaves and the remnants of small trees very quickly. Mulchers can eliminate the workload that you have. Since you may keep the mulch and use it for your purposes, there won't be any need for you to dump it in trash bags.

Instead, you can take the mulch out of the vacuum bag and pass it around any mulch spots on your property. It's a time-saving feature that can also create saving opportunities for people that have previously bought mulch separately.

If you're looking for a Billy Goat vacuum with a wood chipper, always check to see whether it's advertised with the product. Not every lawn appliance sold by the company has a wood chipper near its engine. It's typically pointed out on the item's description page.

How Much Is a Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum?

Leaf vacuums hover between $1,000 and $3000. Billy Goat's products are some of the best blowers that are currently sold online. Their price is in the same range as other brand-name lawn tools.


Getting a new leaf blower is an investment that should be carefully considered before buying.

The tools can work well in the fall and winter, hastily removing debris from the grass without causing damage to the grass itself.

But Green Leaf has become something of a brand that other companies selling similar products have begun to compare their lineup too.

The quality of their vacuums is high and so are the expectations. Get a Green Leaf vacuum and it'll become your primary lawncare tool for many seasons ahead.