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September 5, 2021

5 Best Bona Mops For Floors in 2021

These microfiber and spray Bona mops are perfect for all types of floors.

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Bona mops are well-known for their high-quality design and affordable prices.

We have looked at many Bona mops, and we reviewed the top 5.

If you're interested in buying a Bona mop, then read this review.

You'll learn about the best Bona mops on the market, and how they compare to eachother.

Keep reading to find the latest reviews on the best Bona mops.

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop With Soft Mophead

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars
Weight: 5.5 Pounds
Dimensions: 4.3x 5.8x 28.3


• Soft cloth head is perfect for hardwood floors
• Mop headcover is reusable and can be easily cleaned in the washer
• Larger mop head to allow more coverage at one time
• Bumpers on the edge of mophead to prevent knocking furniture and baseboards


• Larger mophead can sometimes make it difficult to get into small spaces

The Bona Hardwood Premium Mop is designed to make cleaning hardwood floors easy. The mop has an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to hold it in two places for hard scrubbing, or you can just hold it with one hand for regular cleaning.

The large head on the mop covers more area quickly. It pivots back and forth to make getting around furniture quite simple. The soft pads pick up the washing solution quickly and leave the floors streak-free and absolutely clean.

The soft pads are totally washable. Simply take it off of your mophead when you are finished and throw it in the washing machine. These pads are rated for 500 washing cycles before you have to replace the pad. There are different pads available for different types of cleaning needs.

The Bona Mop system has a refillable soap dispensing cartridge. This saves time and money. You also reduce your environmental impact because you do not have to continually purchase soap bottles or throw away pads to wash your floor.

The mop head is 16.5 inches across. This makes for a very quick cleaning. The pads attach to the bottom of the mophead with velcro and stay secured the entire time you are cleaning. The mophead is also designed with bumpers on the corners. This keeps the head from damaging your baseboards and furniture legs if you bump into them when cleaning.

The mop sprays out a fine mist of cleaner in front of the mop. This keeps the wood floors from getting too wet and being damaged by moping. Wood floors can easily be damaged by excess water. The mop then picks up the mist and cleans the floor, leaving your floor with the clean and shine that you desire.

When you are done cleaning, the Bona Hardwood Floor mop is easy to store. Just pull out the retractable hook and hang it up until you need it next time.

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Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Premium Spray Mop

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars
Weight: 5.5 Pounds
Dimensions: 4.3x 5.8x 28.3


• Large mophead makes it very easy to clean any room more efficiently
• Deep cleaning mop pads are great for getting down around the edges of the tile and cleaning the group
• Mop is designed to be easy to use and can be used with one or two hands
• Mophead has guards on the side to prevent you from scratching baseboards and furniture
• Mop has a retractable hook in the handle that can be used to store the mop system when you are done cleaning.


• Extra large mophead can make it a little difficult to maneuver under furniture or tight corners

The Bona Tile and Laminate Floor mop is a great tool for anyone who wants to have clean floors without spending the whole day cleaning. The mop has a large mophead, 16.5 inches, that covers more area with each swipe than similar types of mops. The mop head is also wider on the bottom to assist with cleaning.

The reuseable pads designed for laminate flooring and tile really get the job done. They are a little thicker than average, so they get down in the cracks and grout for deep cleaning. The pads are reusable and can be thrown in the washer when you are done cleaning.

The reusable pads are one of the best features of the mop. They attach to the bottom of the mop with Velcro and stay secured in place throughout the cleaning process. They are very sturdy and very absorbent. When you clean with this mop, you will not have a residue left on your floor.

Additionally, the reusable pad makes it very environmentally friendly. You do not have a stack of used mop pads to fill the garbage can with when you are done cleaning. The reusable mop pad is rated for 500 washes before needing to be replaced.

Another way that this mop is environmentally friendly is because you can refill the soap dispenser. Unlike similar mops that you have to continue to purchase new single-use plastic bottles to clean your floor, with the Bona, you simply refill the dispenser and get back to cleaning.

The handle is designed to be ergonomically correct. You can easily move it with one hand while cleaning.  There is a second grip halfway down the mop handle. This allows you to use a second hand on the handle if you need to "scrub" an area.

When used with the Bona cleaner designed for laminate flooring and tile, you get a superior clean in less time and without much effort.

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Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Spray Mop

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Weight: 5 Pounds
Dimensions: 4.2 x 5.7 x 25.3


• Lighter than the other Bona hardwood floor mops making it easier to use all day long
• Has wide mophead to enable more cleaning area to be covered with each push of the mop
• Reusable mophead pads make it more affordable to use in a professional setting
• Provides a superior clean on hardwoods and all flooring


• Mophead is only 15 inches instead of 16.5 like the home cleaning version

The Bona Pro Series Mop is designed to be used in a professional setting. If you are cleaning floors all day, you want a mop that not only performs but is not too heavy. The Bona Pro Series is a half-pound lighter than the home version. This may not sound like a big difference, but when you are cleaning all day, it really does help.

The handle to this mop is just the right height to keep you from being bent over all-day mopping. It is ergonomically designed to prevent a lot of stress from being placed on the shoulders, wrists, and lower back. It has a second grip in the middle of the handle to allow for scrubbing motion if necessary.

The mophead is a little smaller than the home version - 1.5 inches smaller, but this does not detract from how well and quickly it cleans. The mop is very easy to maneuver in tight areas because of its size, and the bumpers on the mophead keep it from scratching baseboards or furniture while cleaning.

The spray bottle is refillable, making it very economical. You also save money by using washable mop pads. These mop pads are rated for at least 500 washes before they need to be replaced. This saves you money and keeps you from adding one-time use pads to the landfill.

When used with the right Bona cleaning solutions, this mop performs incredibly on hardwood flooring. You will not see streaks or residue when you are finished. Bona spray mop systems can reduce your overall workload by at least a third of the time due to the large mophead, quick clean-up of liquids, and superior clean and shine the cleaning products provide.

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Bona Hardwood Floor Ultimate Care Kit

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars
Weight 11 pounds
Dimensions: Vary - Multiple pieces


• Everything you need to take care of your hardwood flooring in one kit  
• Contains cleaning and dusting pads so that you can do quick cleans ion between full cleaning days
• Has a large bottle of cleaning solution included
• Comes with floor wax in a spray bottle that you can use to help keep high-traffic areas looking great
• Very convenient to have everything in one package


• Large mophead size can make it difficult to reach some areas

The Bona Hardwood Floor Ultimate Care Kit is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to have access to superior care products for their hardwood flooring. The Bona Care Kit has the mop, two cleaning pads, one dusting pad, hardwood floor cleaner and refill bottle, and a bottle of hardwood floor polish.

The mophead is 16.5 inches wide which helps you clean your floors quickly and without a lot of hard work. The guards on the side of the mophead keep the mop from dinging the baseboards or the legs of furniture. The pivoting action of the mophead helps it clean all areas.

The different mop pads make cleaning easy. The regular mop pad is perfect for washing and waxing the floors. They are thick enough to absorb all of the cleaners and eliminate streaking and residue. You never have to worry about your hardwood flooring being damaged from being too wet.

The dusting mop pad is great for in-between cleaning. Simply place it on the Bona mop and do a quick clean. The lightweight duster gives the flooring a good polish, and you won't have to worry until it is time to mop again.

The mop and dusting pads attach securely to the bottom of the mop using Velcro. You do not have to worry about it slipping or coming off while in use. All of the mop pads are reusable and rated for 500 washes before needing to be replaced.

The handle is ergonomically designed. It is the right height to keep you from having a backache or shoulder strain while moping. The comfortable handle is easy for anyone to use. A second grip is placed in the middle of the mop handle to allow for a scrubbing motion when necessary.

The mop weighs 5.5 pounds, so it can be used by anyone, and it has a retractable hook that can be used when you are done to keep it neatly stored away. Having the entire kit together in one package makes the product very convenient and helps you save money from having to purchase each of these cleaners and pads separately.

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Bona Microfiber Floor Mop 3-Piece Microfiber Pad Pack

Rating: 4.4 Stars out of 5
Weight Less than one pound
Size: Multipack


• Very lightweight mop that is perfect for quick cleaning
• Designed for dusting, polishing, or waxing
• Easy to use
• No other items needed other than correct pads


• Is not meant to wash floors

The Bona Microfiber Floor Mop 3-Piece Microfiber Pad Pack is the perfect solution for quick cleaning, polishing, or waxing your hardwood floor. The mop is very lightweight - less than a pound and has a large mophead for quick and efficient cleaning.

The microfiber pads are perfect for dusting your floors and giving them a good shine in between cleaning. These microfiber pads are also very good for applying wax to your hardwood floors if you do not want to use your other mop for waxing.

The mop height is very comfortable, and anyone at any height can use it without issue. The grip is ergonomically correct, and you will not experience discomfort when using the mop.  The mophead is large like your standard Bona cleaning mop. This makes it easier to clean and dust more space at one time.

The microfiber mop is very light – less than a pound. This makes doing a quick dusting or shining of your floors very easy. All you need to do is attach one of the microfiber pads, and you are ready to go.

This mop is not meant for cleaning up spills or for washing your floor. Although microfiber will soak up liquids, the Bona pads designed for washing floors are much more effective.  You can use these pads if you are going to wax your floors. The Bona hardwood wax is thicker than the cleaning solution and will be easily cleaned up with this mop.

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Everyone needs to mop their floors. It is just a part of house cleaning that you cannot get away from. However, how you mop your floors can have a large impact on how well they get cleaned and what they look like when you are finished.

Hardwood floors can lose their luster over time. To keep them looking their best and to avoid residue build-up, it is important to use a soft mop and a cleaner designed specifically for hardwood flooring. Regular soap and water can damage the floor over time.

For the best cleaning of a hardwood floor, you want a mop that will only dampen the floor while quickly removing the moisture and leaving it clean. Preferably you will want a mop that has a soft cleaning area to help avoid scratching or nicking the wood. You will also want a mop with a large enough head that cleaning does not take you all day.

To get the best clean, you are going to need a mop designed specifically for hardwood flooring. This is not the average mop that you can pick up at the local mass merchandiser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bona better than Swiffer?

Most people that have tried both of these mop systems have stated that they prefer the Bona mop system over Swiffer. This is because Bona provides you with the following benefits:

  • Mop that has heavier construction and lasts longer
  • Larger mophead size, 16.5 inches, for faster cleaning
  • Less streaking and residue left on floors when using Bona and Bona cleaners
  • Less single-use plastic waste – you refill the Bona cleaner cartridge. With Swiffer, you have to continually purchase new bottles of cleaner
  • Less waste for floor pads. Bona pads can be washed up to 500 times before needing to be replaced. You have to discard Swiffer pads after each use
  • Bona cleaners are water-based – making them environmentally safer to use
  • Bona microfiber cleaning pads are a great tool to use between cleaning to remove light dust and grit on the floor

What is the difference between the Bona mops?

Most of the Bona mops are the same size and weight. A few are built a little lighter for people that have to use them for long periods of time. 

The lighter weights help reduce the chance of fatigue. Bona tries to keep all of their mop systems the same size and weight so that when you seek out replacement pads or parts, you never have to search for the right size.

Is the Bona Spray Mop good?

Yes. The Bona Spray Mop is a very wise choice for cleaning products. Bona has been making cleaning products for over 100 years, and they stand by their name. Every Bona Spray Mop system is designed to clean well, eliminate residue and streaking, not over-wet your flooring to clean, and effectively pick up the dirt and moisture.

Bona Spray Mops are environmentally friendly, ergonomically designed, and very cost-effective.

How do you use the Bona microfiber mop?

The Bona Microfiber mop is the easiest one to use out of all the systems. All you need to do is attach the microfiber pad to the bottom, and you are ready to dust your floors. This is a great mop for cleaning in between washing.

You may also find that the microfiber mop is great for washing your hardwood floors. The microfibers spread the wax evenly and absorb the wax well, so you don’t have to work hard to get a beautiful shine.

Do you wet the Bona microfiber floor mop?

No. The Bona Microfiber mop system is designed to be used for dry cleaning. Although the microfiber can pick up liquids, the pads designed for the spray mop systems are more effective at picking up liquids from your floor.

How much do Bona mops cost?

Bona Mop Systems can range in price. The average cost of a Bona is about $40. You can find some kits that are more expensive, but these kits also help you save money. 

When you purchase a kit, you will receive the mop, multiple pads, and different cleaners for your floor. Purchasing these items separately would cost more.

If you are looking for a mopping system for your home designed to make your floors look great and reduce the time you need to clean your floors, then the Bona Mop Systems are exactly what you are looking for in a mop.

Bona Mops are designed to be light enough to prevent fatigue but sturdy enough to last for many years. The handles are designed at a height that can accommodate anyone, and the grips are comfortable for the hands.

Bona systems have larger mop heads than any other mop. This larger mop head, 16.5 inches, helps clean your floor faster and eliminates streaking. The mops are on a pivoting head, so you can easily get around furniture and get close to the baseboards.

All of the Bona mop heads have guards on the sides. These guards help protect your baseboards and furniture from being scratched or dented while you are using the mop. This is an added feature no other mop system offers.

Bona mops and cleaning products are also designed to be environmentally friendly. Bona has reduced the need for single-use plastic bottles by making their cleaner spray bottle refillable. 

The mop pads are washable and can be used up to 500 times before needing replacement. All of the Bona cleaners are water-based, making them user and environmentally friendly.

Bona mops are easy to store when you're done. The spray mops have a retractable hook that allows you to hang them up in the closet between cleanings. The microfiber mop is so lightweight it can be stored anywhere for quick use.

Everyone wants a clean home, and they want their hardwood and tile floors to look great. The Bona mop system can ensure that your floors stay their cleanest without harsh residues building up on them. When used with Bona hardwood wax, your floors will look as if they are brand new.

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