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July 30, 2021

8 Best Brooms 完 in 2021, According To Cleaning Experts

These are the best brooms on the market.

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Brooms make cleaning hard floors easy. The best brooms can be used on carpet as well.

When buying a new home, you might be overwhelmed when choosing which cleaner to buy.

The solution: get a broom. A broom is a very budget-friendly and effective option.

Most brooms cost between $15 to $30 and quickly remove dust, dirt, and debris from your floors.

This is a list of the 8 best brooms that you need to keep your home and floors clean.

We reviewed the:

  • Best broom for tile floors
  • Best broom and dustpan
  • Best outdoor broom
  • Best indoor broom
  • And more

Lets get started.

Evriholder FURemover, Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee & Telescoping Handle

This is definitely the best rubber broom for pet hair and is a highly-rated, innovative, and versatile broom. It can remove fur from a variety of surfaces, and with a built-in squeegee edge, it cleans carpets, rugs, tile, windows, and more.

Its natural rubber attracts pet hair like a magnet to quickly remove pet hair with ease. You can easily adjust the sturdy handle that extends from 36 inches to 60 inches to work for any user.

Simply wash away pet excess pet hair on the rubber broom bristles by using soapy water. This effective broom is very easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.

After using this budget-friendly broom, we know that it removes pet hair and cleans a variety of surfaces.

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TreeLen Dustpan and Broom with Long Handle Stand Up Broom and Dustpan Set

This broom and dustpan snaps together for simple storage. It saves you space and is easy for moving. Its perfect for on-the-move cleaning and sweeping up debris, dirt, and everything in between.

With a built-in scraper for hard to clean surfaces, this broom locks in an open position to easily dispose of dirt in your garbage can without spilling anything. This 52 inch long broom will effectively clean in your home, kitchen, room, office, and patio.

It has a flexible lip that conforms to surfaces so dust and debris are not swept underneath it for maximum cleaning and pickup. For those who are constantly trying to keep up with their dirty floors, this broom is the best option for you.

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AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Broom, Blue and White

The AmazonBasics heavy-duty plastic broom is great for outdoor or industrial use. It has a 3-piece interlocking handle that breaks down for easy storage or custom height adjustment.

With strong plastic bristles that wont break or weaken during tough cleaning, this broom will get the job done. Its ideal for sidewalks, outdoor patios, driveways, industrial spaces, workshops, and garages.

Built to last with a premium design, this broom effectively sweeps away dirt and heavier debris from concrete, cement, brick, and more.

In short, this heavy-duty broom is very sturdy, works great, and cleans on a variety of surfaces.

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Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner Dark Black

With a 3-in-1 design, this electric broom has an onboard crevice tool that allows for customizable cleaning. Weighing only 4 pounds, you can use this Eureka broom anywhere.

Eurekas swivel steering improves maneuverability and overall cleaning when compared to standard stick vacuums.

It picks up large debris with ease and is perfect for hard floors, low pile carpets, and area rugs.

The powerful 2 amp motor picks up dust and pollen. It has a washable filtration system that captures even more debris and improves air quality.

With a large dust cup to ensure you clean faster, theres no more outlet hopping or frequent trips to the trash can.

This is the best broom for laminate floors and is safe for the environment while quickly removing dirt and debris.

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OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom

This broom extends to be a full-sized broom for any sweeping task. It is perfect for indoor areas and for sweeping dirt piles into the dustpan. The broom snaps into the dustpan for compact storage.

With flagged bristles, the broom effectively grabs dust and dirt and leaves your floors and carpets clean. It locks in an open position and features teeth to comb out dirt and dust from the broom bristles.

When we used it on our office floors, it thoroughly removed the dirt and food crumbs from our floor. Weve tried many types of brooms, but this is what weve needed and was the bang for our buck.

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LandHope Push Bristle Broom for Pet Hair, Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, & Windows, Grey

If youre looking to gather up dust with ease, then this broom is right for you. It quickly gathers up dirt, pet hair, and debris on floors or carpets. Ash or pet hair will not be blown in the air when sweeping.

Working on pet hair, its soft bristles gently scrape down and gather hair from carpets that most vacuums cant reach. With an extra long and adjustable handle, this broom works for people in different heights to use; for tall adults to sweep without bending down; and can be shortened for kids use.

Its easy to keep the broom clean by washing under tap water. This bristle broom is great to use in outdoor areas like balconies, gardens, patios, or even windows. In short, if you have dirty floors or outdoor areas that you want cleaned, then we strongly recommend this broom for you.

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Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake, Effective & Safe For Pet Hair Removal

This rug and carpet rake is perfect for pet owners who struggle with cleaning frequently used surfaces. Whether its carpet floors, or even stairs, it effectively removes pet hair and eliminates unwanted pet odor.

Helping you save time and money, this carpet rake eliminates the need for complicated cleaning. It works by lifting up dog and cat hair, even in hard to reach areas.

This carpet hair remover doesnt cause damage to carpet fibers making it safe for daily use. It is lightweight, easy to use, and is built with a durable design. Overall, this carpet rake is safe and pet-friendly and cleans without any electricity or harsh chemicals.

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O-Cedar Power Corner Large Angle Broom

With double bristle technology, this firm broom thoroughly removes dirt and effectively cleans hard to reach areas. It sweeps up messes in hardwood floors and in garages. The Flare-Tip Technology captures small dust and hairs. The size of this broom is excellent for all heights.

When we used this broom on our floors, it picked up all of the dirt and debris. You must know that if you sweep at a fast pace, the bristles will spring back into place fast enough to shoot the dirt you just swept across the floor.

This isnt a large issue, but is just something to keep in mind. Overall, this broom by O-Cedar is one of the best brooms we ever used to get rid of dirt on hardwood areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a broom?

Softer bristles tend to be better at picking up and removing small particles. Stiffer bristles work best on larger messes. Most brooms have similar features, designs, and prices. However, brooms with adjustable stick lengths are great for anyone who wants multiple people with different heights to use the broom.

How do I keep my floors clean?

There are many ways to keep your floors clean. We recommend using a powerful floor cleaner to fight deeply embedded stains and dirt. If youre looking to naturally clean your floors with the power of steam, then our in-depth review of the best steam mops is a great read. Frequently cleaning your floors with a powerful cleaner will help remove bacteria-filled dirt, dust, and grime while saving your time.

Here's a short video showing an efficient way to sweep:

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