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January 9, 2022

5 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools For 2022

These gutter cleaning tools make cleaning gutters by hand a thing of the past.

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The best gutter cleaners make it easy to clean dirty gutters.

Gutter cleaners are useful tools that are used to clean gutters full of leaves and dirt.

It's important that you learn which gutter cleaning tool you should buy, and which gutter cleaners you should avoid.

They'll help you keep your gutters clean, which will help them do their job.

The five gutter cleaning tools below are great for anyone that wants to clean their gutters. Keep reading.

  1. WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacuum For Gutter Cleaning
  2. Sun Joe 14-Amp Electric Blower, Vacuum, Mulcher
  3. CHOMP Microfiber Gutter Cleaner Tool For Rain Gutters
  4. Hourleey 19 Feet Pressure Washer Telescoping Extension Wand
  5. Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop
Our Top 5 Picks (Comparison)
WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacuum For Gutter Cleaning
  • Best Gutter Vacuum
Sun Joe 14-Amp Electric Blower, Vacuum, Mulcher
  • Best Electric Blower For Gutters
  • Sun Joe
CHOMP Microfiber Gutter Cleaner Tool For Rain Gutters
  • Best Microfiber Gutter Cleaner
Hourleey 19 Feet Pressure Washer Telescoping Extension Wand
  • Best Telescoping Extension Wand For Gutters
  • Hourleey
Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop
  • Best Affordable Gutter Cleaner
  • Gutter Getter

WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacuum For Gutter Cleaning

Weight: 2.49 pounds

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Dimensions: 23.6 x 8.6 x 5.5 inches


  • Attachment can remove clumped leaves in your gutters
  • Safe to use for blowing and sucking up leaves
  • No ladder required for one-story homes
  • Has a wide 2.5-inch diameter reduces the likelihood of clogging if vacuuming
  • Its lightweight body prolongs its ability to be raised before needing a break


  • One of the most lightweight gutter vacuums

Do you own a blower with a two-way operation, the kind that vacuums when the reverse switch is pressed? If so, you're more than set to use the Workshop Wet and Dry vacuum set. The accessory kits are compatible with more blower and vacuum combinations.

To hook them up, you must place each attachment piece in the correct order, something that's easy to tell by looking at the diameter size of each tip.

You don't have to use them all, just enough to match the height of your gutters. Once you've figured out the number of attachments that you'll need to do this, the hard part's out of the way.

The easy part is cleaning the gutters. Since there's no reason for you to climb a ladder when these accessories are in front of you, just turn on your blower's blowing feature or reverse the air to be sucked in. Depending on how thick your gutter's gunk is, it might be easier than scraping out as much as you can with the end of the gutter.

This will turn the leaf and foliage residue out of the gutters if you're blowing this. The gutters of two-story homes don't apply here. For that distance, you would have to look elsewhere. When vacuuming, clogs are unlikely from its wide diameter, which gets slightly wider as it moves toward the motor of the blower.

An unfortunate part of the design of these attachments causes them to wobble. It would be better if they were stiff. To keep them from moving, duct tape is the quickest and easiest option around it.

But you'll have to take it off once you have one, which isn't fun to do. Duct tape also gets sticky if left on for too long, so taking it off immediately after the gutters are cleaned is the best thing to do.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "Keeps my aging body from getting on the roof."
  2. "Works great after securing the attachments together."
  3. "The attachments fit both my electric and fuel blowers."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Sun Joe 14-Amp Electric Blower, Vacuum, Mulcher

Weight: 15.6 pounds

Rating: 4.1/5 stars

Dimensions: 19.9 x 19 x 12.4 inches


  • Extensions reach all the way to two stories
  • Gutter extensions keep their hold without falling off
  • Mulches up debris with a blade on the inside, reducing the number of bags needed to trash the debris
  • The motor is quieter than many electric and gas-powered blowers
  • Not too shaky around the handle


  • The included bag for vacuuming gets full very fast

A mulcher on a wet and dry blower and vacuum has lots of benefits to gutter cleaning. You may already know what some of them are. But in case that you don't, the Sun Joe provides a blower like this and is ready to take off the gunk in between your gutters.

For gutters to be cleaned without a ladder, you need extensions that are long enough for power tools or hoses to reach the area that you intend to clean.

Some attachments are fine and others aren't very sturdy. The Sun Joe's attachments fit and aren't too shaky, even when you have them on for second-story gutters.

That's right, there's enough clearance to reach a second-floor gutter. You're probably thinking that holding it from a distance and at such an angle would probably be difficult to do, but it's not as hard as it looks.

The most difficult would be raising the arms for that length of time. That can quickly turn into pain that could make the work take longer than expected. Regardless, the Sun Joe moves fast, so much of the gutter debris will come out immediately.

Inside of the blower/vacuum is a blade that's tasked with turning anything that enters it into mulch. Whether or not you want to keep the mulch for your gutter is up to you, but some of it would probably make better fertilizer than mulch.

Regardless, It does the job that it claims to, which is enough to remove unsightly debris from your gutters as it claims. While the bag that's included with the blower is useful, the size of it fills very fast.

You'll end up changing it out quite frequently. You'll end up using more plastic bags for trash than you probably thought you would need.

Have a stash nearby, just in case you run out of room for what you anticipate using. It's a tiny annoyance that doesn't take away from any of the benefits that you would get from purchasing the Sun Joe. It's electrically powered but runs with the same veracity as a household tool that's dependent on fuel.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "The mulching blade is what attracted me to this blower."
  2. "To my surprise, I didn't need earplugs when running this machine."
  3. "A solid investment for self-cleaning my gutters."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

CHOMP Microfiber Gutter Cleaner Tool For Rain Gutters

Weight: 3.98 ounces

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Dimensions: 2 x 8 x 8 inches


  • Works well with cleaning solutions, including what's separately sold by the company
  • Gets off years of caked-on mold, pollen, and leaf residue on gutters and sidings
  • Goes easy on the arms and is lightweight to hold
  • The brush is machine washable
  • Clears away debris with one swipe, multiple passes aren't necessary


  • Only cleans the exterior portions of gutters, doesn't clear away debris from the inside
  • No cleaning solution provided with the product

Maybe your gutters are mostly stained on the sides, closest to where the gutters meet the siding. If you have decent gutters on the inside that are stained, try the CHOMP Microfiber Gutter Cleaner Tool.

This is a cleaning brush, nothing fancy. It's colored blue and orange and may stand out from the other tools in your garage.

The company produces its cleaning solution. It works well and quickly removes caked-on dirt from shingles, gutters, and side panels.

To reach your gutters, it's recommended that you either use a hose with a sprayer attached or a separate tool for spraying the areas you want to clean first.

Cleaning gutters are a lot like removing mildew with bleach. pretreat the area with a cleaner first, then wait for a couple of minutes before you scrub.

If you do this, you'll find that the grime comes off by moving the brush over the area you wish to treat only one time. It'll clean off moss, mold, bird droppings, and leaf residue seeping from the inside of gutters.

This brush isn't meant for cleaning the inside of the gutters. If it were, the pieces of the rod closest to the brush would be angled, helping you to line the brush into the part of the gutter that has the most residue.

You can only get to the outside of the gutter, and side paneling. Therefore, this brush is suggested for anyone more concerned about the appearance of their gutters rather than the dirt that's trapped inside.

If you already have a gutter cleaning tool for the inside, or plan on getting one, the Chomp can clear away the grime from a gutter's facing but something else should be used when it nears closer to a gutter's interior.

Try out the brush for easy cleaning and you've taken care of the interior with another tool. It's best when used immediately after blowing out or scraping the leaves to the bottom. Don't use it beforehand or you'll probably end up having to clean all over again.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "It made my gutters cleaner and the brush wiped away everything with one stroke."
  2. "Made my gutter look brand new again."
  3. "You can leave your ladder in the garage when you have the Chomp brush around."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Hourleey 19 Feet Pressure Washer Telescoping Extension Wand

Weight: 12.77 pounds

Rating: 4/5 stars

Dimensions: 65 x 8 x 2.75 inches


  • Connectors are built to a high standard and are very durable
  • Adequate pressure from all six nozzles is enough to move debris from gutters
  • When used with the best cleaning solutions, gets rid of gutter clogging
  • Has a safety lock on the trigger to avoid accidentally spraying
  • Adjustable harness fits tall and short individuals


  • Heavy when on the harness

Blowing leaves out of gutters with a blower or vacuum aren't the only options you have for removing while standing at ground level. With the right hose and fittings, you could easily wash them away with water pressure and a cleaning solution.

And while you're at it, getting the windows and shingles all in one go. But tools like these are sometimes hard to find, even with them being a common sight for professional gutter cleaners.

The Hourleey Pressure Washers is one of them, a harness and a series of pipe connectors with a total of six nozzles at the tip. One of the attachment nozzles is much smaller than the rest and is curved at an approximate 180-degree angle.

When you connect this, you can get the pressure washer directly on top of the opening at the top of the gutter, washing all the dirt and gunk away by moving or turning the connected rods below.

All of this is secured with a harness that's designed to fit most people, no matter if tall or short. The shoulder straps are adjustable, no different from the straps you've used or seen on a backpack or pieces of luggage. It's better to use the five nozzle tips according to the substance you're spraying.

For gutters, you may want one or two for water and cleaner. The others could be backups or solutions different from the one you're using on the gutters. The hose is controlled with a trigger, which has a safety switch to keep you from accidentally pulling it when you're not in a position to spray.

If you're not accustomed to carrying things on your shoulders, the Hourleey could agitate your arms. You'll eventually get the hang it on though, quicker when using the rod to clean things other than your gutters.

The straps are strong and nothing will rip. Be careful to not fall when trying to aim the nozzle and squeeze. Consider having someone behind you to help keep either you or the rod brazed.

Wobbling will be a problem if you're cleaning gutters or sidewall from a second-story home. But overall, the Hourleey's telescoping extension and rods are assured to work. All parts are built well and won't rust. Allow everything to dry once cleaning's over and store in a dry location.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "Not as complex as it looks."
  2. "It cleared away all of the debris from the water pressure hose alone."
  3. "A little heavy but got my gutter clean nonetheless."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop

Weight: 3.84 ounces

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Dimensions: 16.5 x 3 x 4 inches


  • Stays firm in the hand, with or without gloves
  • Cleans by rinsing after gutter work is finished
  • Size conforms to most gutter sizes and will fit inside after guards are removed
  • Cleans without the use of water or cleaners
  • The long handle helps block your hand from objects that could scratch you


  • Requires the use of a ladder

Finally, the Gutter Getter 00101 is the most basic tool of all the rest evaluated. Scoopers might seem a bit traditional to use on gutters but are great for them to get when designed well. The problem with many scoops is that their handles are too small and scoopers are either too large, small, or short.

The average gutter size is about five inches from side to side, requiring that tools be slightly smaller than this range. The Gutter Getter is about three inches in width from where the handle begins and widens to about four inches near the front tip.

With these dimensions, you can clean out even a small gutter with a four-inch width. You might have to squeeze the sides a bit to get a good fit inside the gutter but its flexibility should help with that.

Move your arms in the direction you want the scoop to travel in your gutters, then throw it towards the ground. For very messy and wet gutters, you may want to wash over everything with a pressure washer or hose, one long enough for you to reach the edge of your shingles.

Wait to get on the ladder when the weather clears up and the debris inside of the gutter is completely dry. You'll find that everything comes out much easier and will leave you with less of a mess to deal with later.

Without this tool, you would probably have scratches from the debris you scoop even while wearing safety gloves. Its length keeps your hand and forearm away from ponty debris that sticks out of the gutters.

Besides the occasional small tree branch, removing things with your hands will be infrequent. The scoper is easy to handle and built for people with either left or right-hand orientation. Give it a shot when affordability is a priority.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "A simple and easy way to clean my gutters."
  2. "If you can use a ladder to clean your gutters, buy this scooper."
  3. "Fit inside the gutter and scooped away gunk without forcing me to pick it up."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Our Top 5 Picks (Comparison)
WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacuum For Gutter Cleaning
  • Best Gutter Vacuum
Sun Joe 14-Amp Electric Blower, Vacuum, Mulcher
  • Best Electric Blower For Gutters
  • Sun Joe
CHOMP Microfiber Gutter Cleaner Tool For Rain Gutters
  • Best Microfiber Gutter Cleaner
Hourleey 19 Feet Pressure Washer Telescoping Extension Wand
  • Best Telescoping Extension Wand For Gutters
  • Hourleey
Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop
  • Best Affordable Gutter Cleaner
  • Gutter Getter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tool to clean gutters?

Gutter cleaning tools are similar to pest control baits for rodents, there are always going to be new and innovative techniques being created to deal with them.

Some of these hit the right marks and are recommended while others should be avoided at all costs.

You want a gutter cleaner that works, not one that works only half of the time or does little to prevent you from climbing up a ladder.

But frankly, there is no single tool that's best for cleaning gutters. The most effective would be either a scoop or a blower, though the former requires a ladder to use.

Pressure washers are another useful tool. They spray out lots of water from a nozzle, forcing the gunk inside of the gutters to blow out or exit through the chute.

Should I clean my gutters myself or hire a professional?

Gutter cleaners are good at what they do and should be contacted for people that are too disabled or busy to take care of the gutters themselves.

But if you do have the time and health and vitality to clean them, make the effort yourself before getting someone else to do it for you.

Many of the products featured could be equal to or significantly cheaper than the rate of a gutter cleaning company.

Many of them charge according to the length of your gutters. If the company has a rate of $2.00 per foot, you could end up spending over $200 for cleaning a home with gutters extending to $200 feet.

And if you include nickel and dimes such as service charges and sales tax, the total might be even higher.

But when you clean the gutters on your own, you're paying a one-time charge that lasts for as long as the tools you're using to clean them do. That's about a 95% reduction in price from the average costs of a scooper, including the one reviewed above.

What do professionals use to clean gutters?

Professional gutter services use many of the same tools and techniques that are shown in the previously detailed products.

They may complete the job with vacuums, blowers, hoses, or even with scoopers. If the gutters have been neglected for a long time, it might take several of these methods to bring them back to their original appearance.

Gutter cleaners may also wash the gutter with cleaning brushes, spraying cleaner on the inside and outside portions. Again, how this is handled when brushed depends on the home's height and the reach limitations of the items that the service person has on them.

What is the fastest way to clean gutters?

When prioritizing speed, clean your gutters with a leaf blower vacuum. It should have an extension on it and preferably a built-in mulching blade.

The mulching blade will keep you from having to use too many trash bags to store the gutter debris, and could even serve as a great compost for landscaping or fruits and vegetables being grown in a garden.

Blowing them away is the second fastest option. Just have some bags at the ready or get assistance from someone to do this as you work. The third fastest way is by scooping when the home is only one story high and you're physically fit and confident enough to work near a rooftop.

What happens if you don’t clean your gutters?

Gutters are what keeps your home's foundation from getting saturated with too much water.

Neglecting them for too long could lead to foundational ruin, shingle, and side paneling damages. In homes with basements, clogging from the gutter could send water flow towards it instead of away.

Leaks could result in mold developing in places that you cannot see, at least until it reaches the drywall. All of these issues bill at pricey figures for them to be fixed.

How often should you clean your gutter?

You might have seen recommendations from commercials to have your gutters cleaned out twice a year. This is good advice but other factors can decrease or increase the number of times the gutters around your house should be handled.

For example, a house in a heavily wooded area may need to undergo gutter cleaning more often than one that's situated in a subdivision with few trees and abundant cul-de-sacs.

The number of trees within the house's vicinity is a good indicator of how frequently gutter cleaning should happen every year.

Furthermore, trees with small leaves would easily slip past the guards on your gutters. With an evergreen pine in your front or backyard, it would be well-served to extend your gutter cleaning to three times a year.

What problems do clogged gutters cause?

When derelict gutters aren't treated, an entire ecosystem could be living inside of them.

Grasses are usually the first thing to grow when the piles of gunk and sediment become layered.

The number of insects in and around your property could also increase. Among them, spiders, mosquitos, wasps. If water floods inside of the gutters, expect to see amphibians like tadpoles in regions with moderate precipitation.

Is it a landlord’s responsibility to clean gutters?

Different locations can harbor nuance between laws but as a general rule of thumb, the owner usually has to take care of exterior parts of a home, which includes the gutters. Many owners will simply hire a company to do this, or go about it themselves if the house isn't occupied by tenants.

Most owners wouldn't have an issue with tenants cleaning the gutters themselves but asking before any goods are purchased is strongly recommended.


Gutter cleaning will no longer cause you to groan when you have good tools to help you carry out the task.

There's a tool for every kind of cleaning, including for people that wish to do the work from the ground and those that prefer brushing or pressure washing.

Today's gutter cleaning products are easy to handle and are safe. They'll greatly improve the appearance and cleanliness of your home.