July 13, 2021

5 Best Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2021

These are the best Lefant robot vacuums on the market.

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Our Top 5 Picks

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Lefant robot vacuums do all of the house cleaning work for you.

Being a home owner has never been easier.

Finding the right robot vacuum, however, isn't always as easy.

These are the best Lefant robot vacuums on the market.

Keep reading.

Our Top 5 Picks (Comparison)
Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner With 6D Collision Sensor
  • Best Lefant Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair And Carpet
  • Lefant
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Lefant Quiet Self-Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Best Quiet Lefant Robot Vacuum
  • Lefant
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Lefant M210 Quiet Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Strong Suction
  • Best Lefant Robot Vacuum With Strong Suction
  • Lefant
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Lefant Robot Vacuum And Mop, Self-Charging Quiet Robot Vacuum
  • Best Lefant Robot Vacuum And Mop
  • Lefant
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Lefant Automatic Robotic Vacuum For Hard Floors And Carpet
  • Best Lefant Robot Vacuum With Long Battery Life
  • Lefant
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Lefant Robot Vacuum With 6D Collision Sensor

Weight: 5.5 pounds

Rating: 4/5

Dimensions: 11.02 x 11.02 x 3.15 inches


  • App covers everything from scheduling to checking cleaning status
  • 3 different cleaning modes for customized cleaning
  • anti-collision and anti-drop technology


  • May have some difficulty connecting to wifi


This Lefant vacuum is an ideal choice for someone looking into getting the best robot for a reasonable price.

This unit is created to help ensure it avoids getting stuck and falling downstairs. It does this through 6D infrared lasers.

The lasers help the robot locate possible areas that will get them stuck.

The robot plans a new cleaning path to avoid that problem. These sensors also enable it to detect stairs.

With these powerful sensors, you can ensure that your robot lasts longer without falling over steep inclines and continues cleaning by avoiding areas that will get it stuck.

There are actually four official cleaning modes for this vacuum. It has an auto-clean mode that enables it to create its own cleaning path.

This ensures that the path is efficient and everything is cleaned. The second mode is the spot-clean mode.


This mode enables the vacuum to only clean up certain areas or rooms in your home. If you have a pet, then this mode can be a great help in ensuring the hair remains picked up.

The third mode is called the wall follow clean mode. This is when your robot will hug the walls and clean up every corner.

Too often, robots tend to forget to clean along the walls. They'll avoid them. This robot presses tight to the wall to ensure every area of your home is cleaned.

The final mode is manual mode. With its app, you can remotely control the robot.

If it requires a bit more handheld navigation from you to get into tighter areas, then this mode is ideal. You never have to clean yourself by manually controlling the robot to do it for you.

This robot also uses a digital motor. It provides strong suction that enables it to pick up both small dust and larger debris. It also has a unique inlet designed for pet hair. It won't clog up the vacuum.

It's also small and lightweight. That makes it ideal for fitting under couches and other pieces of furniture. If you ever do need to pick up your robot, then you'll find it incredibly light.

This robot can be connected to either Alexa or Google Assistant. Through its app, you can create a cleaning schedule. You never have to worry about cleaning your home again.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "This robot Vacuum works very well. It was simple to setup and beginning using. It has a very strong suction power. It picks up both small and even large debris as it passes over. The vacuum is easy to empty. It returns to the charging base and charges very quickly."
  2. "I used to clean my floors every few days, now I have this little cleaner running around all day! Very impressive. I like that it returns back to charging base so I don't have to charge it on my own. Very simple to use and maintain."
  3. "This robot vacuum has been a life-changing machine. We are very happy to have it in our basement helping us with the vacuuming & the Kids are definitely excited as well."
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Lefant Quiet Self-Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Weight: 4.91 pounds

Rating: 4.5/5

Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 3.15 inches


  • 4 cleaning modes for thorough cleaning
  • Automatic recharge
  • 120 minutes of cleaning time on single charge


  • No mapping feature


No one likes a noisy robot vacuum. This vacuum is a great choice for those who want a quiet robot that cleans well.

Besides being quieter than other competing robot vacuums, this model has four different cleaning modes.

The first is zigzag cleaning. Since it doesn't have mapping technology, this model uses a zigzag pattern to clean every inch of your home.

It follows a tight pattern that ensures there aren't any missed spots.

The edge cleaning mode is ideal if you want your robot cleaner to stick mainly to the walls.

You may find after your zigzag cleaning that there are still some dust bunnies collecting near the walls. The edge cleaning mode makes the robot find the wall, then run along it until it has picked up everything.

Spot cleaning is another mode that's available for your robot. This mode allows the robot to choose an area and clean all around it in a spiral.

This is ideal if you have an oddly-shaped room or a room that's filled with furniture.

Finally, it has an automatic cleaning mode. This mode allows the robot to do its own thing. It will try and create an efficient path and clean the entire thing.


This robot has a long battery life of 120 minutes. It can easily clean most, if not all, of your house on a single charge.

Once it detects that its battery is low, it will return to its charge port and start charging.

This allows you to have a completely hands-free experience. You can be at work while your vacuum works hard to keep your home clean.

This robot also has anti-obstacle and fall detection sensors. When other robots end up going over the stairs, you can be sure that yours will be smart enough to stay away.

You shouldn't have to come home to find your robot at the bottom of the stairs and broken.

It also contains a large dustbin. This model has a 600 ml dustbin. That's important for those who want to run their robot while they're out of the house.

The robot can pick up more without having to be emptied frequently. With its large dustbin also comes a 3-layer filter.

This ensures that dust isn't released back into the home.

Finally, it can climb up inclines of .6 inches or lower. If you have a slight incline in your home, then this robot can power over it to keep cleaning.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "This is my second Lefant, I have two properties and this new one is for my main house, I know how strong and well this vacuum is, this is true 2,000Pa suction, leaves nothing behind."
  2. "I am absolutely delighted with my purchase. I feel like this little spaceship looking helper is going to save my life. with a 2 little baby and a dog that sheds like crazy, I could sweep in the morning and by the afternoon it looked like I hadn't swept for a week. I couldn't believe how much my new friend picked up."
  3. "Worth for this price. It could work underneath the object that we could not reach. Like under my bed and table that are hard to clean. Helpful and convenient. Definitely recommend one."
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Lefant M210 Quiet Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Strong Suction

Weight: 6.67 pounds

Rating: 4.5/5

Dimensions: 11.02 x 11.02 x 2.8 inches


  • Ultra thin design for fitting under small furniture pieces
  • Can climb inclines up to .63 inches
  • Works on all floor types


  • No mapping technology


Certain tough jobs require a vacuum that has a lot of suction power.

Th can serve your needs. One of the benefits of this particular model is its small size.

It's thinner and shorter than other models. This enables it to easily fit under couches and tables that may ride closer to the floor.

The sensors on this robot are also great. It has sensors that enable it to detect the world around them in a 360-degree pattern.

No matter how close it is to the stairs, it will recognize a drop point and correct itself accordingly.

The same goes for obstacles. It's able to climb over obstacles with its .63 inch climbing abilities.

However, if the incline is steeper than that, then the robot will avoid it to keep from becoming stuck.


Most users buy this robot for its strong suction capabilities. It has a digital motor that creates 1800pa suction power.

This easily allows it to pick up stubborn pet hair and other dirt lurking in your home. Another advantage this model has over other brands is its brushless motor.

Too often, those with brushes tend to become tangled with pet hair and other messes. This model amends that problem with its digital motor instead.

There aren't any brushes for the hair to become clogged on. Instead, it uses a specialized inlet that can pick up hair.

This also means you won't lose any suction power because of a clog.

It comes with four different cleaning modes. Auto clean enables it to create its own path and clean your home as efficiently as it can.

Spot clean makes it choose a spot in your home and then clean around it in a spiral to take care of oddly-shaped rooms.

Wall follow clean makes the robot perform edge cleaning. You won't have hair riding up your walls any longer.

Manual clean enables you to take control of the robot to reach tougher areas.

This robot can also be purchased with a mopping bracket. If you want to mop your home as well, then this robot has the capability of performing both tasks.

It has a runtime of 100 minutes and will return to its charge port when the battery is running low.

Finally, this robot can be connected to Alexa and Google Assistant. You can command it with voice commands and create a cleaning schedule for it.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "To my surprise it works amazing I mean I didn't expect that. I was able to see the map on my phone app and as well as battery percentage. This robot is very intelligent, it does not get stuck underneath sofas and dining table, it always know its way out and also goes itself to charging deck when done cleaning. I have assigned time for day and night cleaning and I couldn't be more relieved. I will recommend it as it is life saver."
  2. "I was quite surprised at how well this 'off brand' robotic delivers. I liked my roomba 614 but it was incredibly inefficient because it didn't map the room. It would just bump its way around. This is a serious upgrade.  I love that it comes with a proprietary remote in addition to a pretty well designed app. I've been using it for about a month and so far so good."
  3. "Installation is pretty easy. Suction power is good. It is really easy to control with your mobile app. The app has smart mode and charging mode. You just need to tap an option it will handle the rest of the cleaning and charging by itself."
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Lefant Robot Vacuum And Mop, Self-Charging Quiet Robot Vacuum

Weight: 10.83 pounds

Rating: 4/5

Dimensions: 23.4 x 14.5 x 4.9 inches


  • Scheduling capabilities
  • Sweeps, vacuums, and scrubs
  • Uniform unifluent ensures water is distributed uniformly


  • Sweeping brushes may clog robot


The Lefant robot vacuum and mop takes care of both sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.

It's built for lasting cleaning capabilities and high-quality cleaning. Its battery can last for 180 minutes before needing to recharge.

It's able to find its own charge port and charge up on its own.

The suction power is also ideal. It's capable of 2200Pa suction power.

Despite its strong suction power, the robot is quieter than other vacuum/mop hybrids.

You're able to sleep or enjoy watching TV without your robot distracting you.

Another great feature of this robot is its sensors. In order to avoid falling down the stairs or getting stuck, it uses infrared lasers.

These sensors are able to detect a greater distance than other models which gives the robot plenty of time to correct itself.

It also works better on detecting surfaces and colors that other robots may miss.


This robot can clean and mop almost any kind of surface. It isn't suitable for high-plush carpets. However, it does well on dark flooring and medium or low carpets.

This vacuum is great because it actually tackles three different cleaning jobs in your home.

It's able to vacuum your carpets and hardwood floors to pick up sand, dust, and hair. It can also sweep your floors.

Whether you have bits of dog food on the floor or hair, this robot can clean it up. Finally, it can use its mopping cleaning mode to sanitize hardwood floors and tiles.

It uses a uniform influent to provide even coverage of the cleaning solution. You don't have to worry about your robot missing a spot with its solution.

You can also schedule cleaning times for your robot with the app.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "We recently purchased this newer model and absolutely adore it! It has been essential to our house in order to keep things clean, especially with two dogs and two kids! It is easy to clean, runs so well and makes our lives so much easier. I almost forget we have a broom with this guy around."
  2. "I looooooooove my robo. It keeps my house so clean. I have it on vinyl wood floors vacuum 4 times a week and mops 2 a week. I have a cat ans I don’t have hair buildup anywhere. It’s thinner then most machines and goes under the furniture."
  3. "I was a bit skeptical at first watching it navigate around, but after checking the area map history from the app, I can see that made its way through my whole kitchen/living room area at almost full coverage. Couldn't find any other options in the price range that offer wifi, wet mopping+vac, smart integration, return to base charging, and nav mapping. I'm very impressed. After the first run the canister picked up tons of pet hair and dust bunnies. It's slim enough to get under some furniture like my couch, and the charging dock is also slim and low to the ground that it fits out of sight under a crendeza, or optionally, under a base kitchen cabinet."
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Lefant Automatic Robotic Vacuum For Hard Floors And Carpet

Weight: 5.57 pounds

Rating: 4/5

Dimensions: 15.07 x 13.35 x 4.69 inches


  • Brushless motor provides strong suction
  • 500 ml dustbin for more debris
  • Takes 4-5 hours to recharge fully


  • Might become lost under furniture


No one likes a robot that dies before it can get the job done. The Lefant Automatic Robotic Vacuum For Hard Floors And Carpet lasts longer to ensure most,

if not all, of your home is cleaned before it needs to recharge. This model uses a lithium-ion phosphate battery to keep its robot charged.

The battery can last for 100 minutes before needing to be recharged.

One of the advantages of this battery is that it's a no-fade battery. Some batteries tend to lose their optimal charge over time.

This battery prevents that from happening. That enables you to use the battery for several years without needing a new one. It also means that your robot can fully charge each time.


It only takes 4-5 hours for the robot to fully charge itself. Then it can head back out to your home and finish the job.

This robot has a brushless motor that's capable of providing 1500PA of suction power.

That enables it to pick up pet hair deep within your carpet and debris on your hardwood floors.

It's able to be used on practically any surface without damaging it.

It has a compact body that enables it to fit under furniture and other obstacles.

It's also equipped with sensors that help it avoid stairs and obstacles that it can't climb over.

Because it uses a suction mouth other than a roller brush, the robot has less of a chance of clogging and being unable to move.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "This is such a fun unit. The robot vacuum is well made and does such a good job of covering the floor and picking up the dirt and debris. It selfs charges and the battery does a great job and lasts a long time. I am very happy with this unit."
  2. "This Lefant robot vacuum has made my life so much easier. It's not very loud so I usually just let it run while I watch TV and relax on the couch. It's so easy :) My neighbor has a roomba 960 and told me how great it was - so I almost bought a roomba, but then I thought "why would I pay 2 times as much for something that does the same thing as another brand?" So I ended up buying a Lefant. Then I brought my Lefant over to my neighbors apartment to run them side by side and I can safely say they do the exact same thing. There is virtually no difference."
  3. "Very similar in build quality and performance to higher end robot vacuums at a fraction of the price. Really happy with this purchase!"
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Our Top 5 Picks (Comparison)
Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner With 6D Collision Sensor
  • Best Lefant Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair And Carpet
  • Lefant
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Lefant Quiet Self-Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Best Quiet Lefant Robot Vacuum
  • Lefant
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Lefant M210 Quiet Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Strong Suction
  • Best Lefant Robot Vacuum With Strong Suction
  • Lefant
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Lefant Robot Vacuum And Mop, Self-Charging Quiet Robot Vacuum
  • Best Lefant Robot Vacuum And Mop
  • Lefant
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Lefant Automatic Robotic Vacuum For Hard Floors And Carpet
  • Best Lefant Robot Vacuum With Long Battery Life
  • Lefant
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lefant robot vacuums good?

Lefant robot vacuums have been compared to Roombas. Users find that Lefant performs just as well as Roomba except they're cheaper.

How long does it take Lefant vacuum to charge?

On average, it takes a Lefant vacuum anywhere from 3-6 hours to charge fully.

Why should I buy a Lefant robot vacuum?

If you don't want to clean your home anymore, then the Lefant robot vacuum can be a great solution. It has the same cleaning quality as a Roomba at an affordable price. You'll also find models that are capable of sweeping and mopping.

Do Lefant robot vacuums really work?

Yes, lefant robot vacuums can effectively clean your home.

Are Lefant robot vacuums good for carpets?

Because of their suction power, Lefant robot vacuums are ideal for carpets. Not every model works well on high-plush carpets, however.

Are Lefant robot vacuums good for hard floors?

Lefant robot vacuums are great for hard floors because of their suction power and mopping capabilities. Their sensors also enable them to detect dark flooring better than other models. This can help keep the robot from becoming stuck on obstacles.

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