August 12, 2021

5 Best Sirena Vacuums, According To Cleaning Experts

These Sirena vacuums are built to clean up large messes with ease.

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Sirena vacuums are designed to quickly and effectively clean messes.

Read our unbiased reviews to learn which Sirena vacuum cleaner is best.

If your home frequently has large messes, then no standard vacuum will be the solution to your cleaning problems.

They fill up too quickly and take more time to clean your home.

Sirena offers something different. These Sirena vacuums are built to clean up large messes with ease.

Read on to learn which vacuum you should purchase.

Sirena Vacuum Exclusive Royal Line Pro Ultra Deluxe

Weight: 54.2 pounds

Rating: 4.5/5

Dimensions: 24.8 x 24.4 x 24 inches


  • Uses two air purifiers to clean messes
  • 1200-Watt motor for powerful suction
  • Dirt is trapped in water
  • Not very noisy


  • Water basin can crack

The Sirena Vacuum Exclusive Royal Line Pro Ultra Deluxe takes the top pick because it uses two air purifiers to clean your home. The majority of vacuums don't come with air purifiers on top of cleaning capabilities. This Sirena does.

Its two air purifiers catch any dirt or dust floating in the home and locks it tight in the basin. Because it uses water to clean the area, the dirt and dust become trapped within the water.

That ensures that it can't float back out into the air. This vacuum can effectively remove allergens from your home.

It has two different speeds. The standard mode is ideal for simple clean-ups. You don't need anything too powerful to clean hardwood floors or low-pile carpets.

It's also not as noisy. The low-speed focuses on using water filtration. It's a great way to eliminate odors and trap allergens.

The high-powered mode is ideal for deep cleaning sessions. It can reach deep into the fibers of your carpet and pull out allergens lurking there.

This mode is also when vacuuming occurs. It sucks up dirt and dust and traps it in the basin. The ability to switch between the two modes with ease ensures you only use the amount of energy that you need.

You also receive a ton of cleaning tools with this model. You receive several brushes and extension hoses to reach every part of your home. No area will go untouched.

The Sirena vacuum is a great choice for anyone that wants to use a safe and effective way to finally rid their home of allergies.

What Reviewers Say

  • "I'm amazed at how much the Sirena holds, especially in a home with five dogs."
  • "We used this vacuum on our carpets that are only a few months old. We were amazed at how dirty they were and how much the vacuum picked up."
  • "The hose is stiff, but it feels durable and it works great."
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Sirena Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Premium Pack - Water Filtration Pet Vacuum

Weight: 15 pounds

Rating: 4.5/5

Dimensions: 11in x 11in x 17in


  • Improved airflow to pick up pet hair
  • Traps allergens in the water and not bags
  • Comes with scents to add aromas to your cleaning


  • Very loud

This Sirena Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is the best bagless vacuum because it replaces bags with its water filtration. This is ideal because bags can allow allergens to return to the air.

Bags are easy to rip. They're not always sealed. They also cost you additional money. You have to buy a new bag every time you empty the vacuum.

This Sirena vacuum replaces bags with a water filter. The water traps the dirt and dust which keeps it from escaping. You can finally remove the allergens in your home without them spreading everywhere.

Another advantage of the water filtration from Sirena is that it doesn't clog. Dust bins and bags often clog because the dirt gets into the mechanisms.

That isn't the case with this vacuum. Once it hits the water, it stays there. You'll enjoy a strong performance from start to finish.

The air purifier seeks to purify the air in your home. It does this by removing dirt from the floor and expelling fresh air.

One of the cool aspects of the vacuum is that you can add certain scents to the water. The aromas are then pushed through the air as you vacuum the area. You can have your home smelling brand new by the time you're done.

Although the vacuum is great at cleaning your floors, it isn't the only thing it can clean. There are several tools that come with the vacuum that allows you to clean your furniture and drapes, too. You'll be surprised at just how dirty they are.

Another problem some vacuums face is the inability to clean up liquid messes. It can damage the vacuum and make the inside of it messy and hard to clean.

The Sirena vacuum makes cleaning up liquid messes easy. Whether there's a flood, some spilled milk, or even spilled cereal, the vacuum cleaner picks it up without making a huge mess in the process.

The vacuum is also safe to use on different flooring types. It has three height adjustments to take care of hardwood floors, medium-pile carpet, and high-pile carpet. No matter what kind of surface fills your home, this vacuum can see you through.

What Reviewers Say

  • "The machine has great suction. I was surprised at how dirty my floors were."
  • "It picks up pet hair super easily. Our house actually feels clean."
  • "We don't have to dust as much because the vacuum is great at keeping dust trapped inside of the water basin."
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Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Deluxe Pack With Turbo Brush And HEPA Filter

Weight: 17 pounds

Rating: 4/5

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 16 inches


  • Brush includes lint pickers
  • Two air purifiers for extra filtration
  • Turbo brush is perfect for pet hair


  • Scent isn't that strong

If getting the pollutants out of the air is important to you, then you need a vacuum with a high-quality HEPA filter. That's what the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Deluxe Pack With Turbo Brush And HEPA Filter has. Its HEPA filter can remove 99% of allergens in the home.

Perhaps the best part of this vacuum is that it doesn't push the pollutants back into the air later. Other vacuums always have some leakage.

Whether it's through the bag or when the dust is removed. The fact that this vacuum uses two air purifiers and water filtration means all of the mess ends up in the water.

The dirt and grime stick to the water and create a thick substance. Because it's wet, it doesn't take off back in the air when you empty the vacuum. You just need to clean it out with some more water and your vacuum is ready for use again.

Besides having a high-quality HEPA filter and two air purifiers, this Sirena model comes with scents and a deodorizer.

You can add the scents into the water before you clean. As you start vacuuming, the scented air is pushed through the room. It can clear the allergies out of a space and make it smell clean and fresh.

You'll get a ton of cleaning tools with this unit. It considers itself an 8-in-1 cleaning vacuum. There are various tools like the turbo brush that are ideal for cleaning up pet hair.

The best part is that you don't have to worry about clogs. The hair sticks in the basin. The tools are wide enough to prevent clogs and provide strong suction.

One final aspect of this vacuum is that it can be used on any surface and to clean any kind of mess. Its two different cleaning modes allow you to clean up liquid messes as well as solid ones.

It's also able to be used on any type of floor. The head brush can adjust to different floor lengths, giving you complete control over how well you can clean your home.

If you want a vacuum with a powerful HEPA filter, then this Sirena model is something to consider.

What Reviewers Say

  • "Using this vacuum makes our carpets feel and look brand new."
  • "We rarely have to dust since buying this vacuum. It picks everything up."
  • "This vacuum delivers the same performance as similar expensive ones. Except this one is at a fraction of the price."
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Sirena Platinum Black Edition - Lightweight Vacuum For Pet Hair

Weight: 43 pounds

Rating: 5/5

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 16 inches


  • HEPA filter is replaceable
  • Several different cleaning tools
  • Power nozzle adjusts to three different height differences


  • Heavy design

Cleaning hardwood floors is a lot easier with the Sirena Platinum Black Edition vacuum. Some homeowners might worry about using a vacuum that has water filtration on hardwood floors. After all, water and wood don't mix.

The good news is that their water filtration occurs inside of the vacuum. You're not spraying water onto your hardwood floors. Instead, the vacuum sucks up dirt and dust from the hardwood floor and traps it inside of its water basin.

The dirt and dust make contact with the water and become trapped. They're unable to get back out into the air.

This vacuum also includes a HEPA filter that can be replaced over time. This is a great way to preserve the life of your vacuum. Instead of having to buy an entirely new vacuum when your filter needs changing, you can just replace the filter.

The fact that this vacuum is also bagless makes it affordable. Once you purchase the vacuum, that's it. You never have to worry about buying anything else again to use it.

You can also make your hardwood floors smell great. You have the choice of purchasing scents that can be added to your water.

As the fresh air moves past the air purifier, it unleashes a refreshing scent into the air. You can make your rooms smell relaxing, fresh, or just clean.

This Sirena vacuum is also ideal for hardwood floors because of its power nozzle. You likely have a few rugs on your hardwood floors. Having to switch between different cleaning tools is a hassle. You can eliminate that problem with this vacuum.

Its power nozzle has three different height adjustments. You can switch between them to clean both your hardwood floors and your rugs with ease.

You also receive tons of different cleaning tools. Whether you wan to clean the corners of your home better, get into the tight areas, or clean your drapes or furniture, you can get the job done with this vacuum. It has so many different applications.

What Reviewers Say

  • "Sirena vacuums have always lasted for years for us. We expect this one will as well."
  • "We use this vacuum to both vacuum and mop our floors."
  • "We have several pets, and the Sirena vacuum picks up all of their hair without any problems."
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Sirena Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner, 2-Speed, Allergy/Pet Pro

Weight: 40.2 pounds

Rating: 3.5/5

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 12 inches


  • Removes odors and dust
  • Transparent basin to see cleanliness progress
  • Baffle separates larger debris from smaller debris


  • Parts can wear down quickly

If you want a powerful 2-speed Sirena vacuum, then you want the Sirena Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner, 2-Speed, Allergy/Pet Pro.

You can use the Sirena in two different cleaning modes. The high-powered mode is the actual vacuum cleaning mode. It uses 1,000-Watts of power to deliver incredible suction.

The second speed is the lower speed. In this mode, the Sirena vacuum basically acts like an air purifier. It gently removes dust and dirt from carpets or other surfaces. It traps it in the water. As the water cycles, it pushes fresh and pure air back into the room.

The lower speed can be further enhanced by using scents. They can be added to the water and emit through the air. Your home smells incredible and fresh.

One of the best advantages of using a vacuum that utilizes water-based filtering technology is that it doesn't clog.

With bagged vacuums or just dust bins, there's always a chance of things clogging. Dust and hair can get caught in the wheels. Since there isn't anything for the mess to get caught on, this vacuum doesn't clog.

It also ensures that the mess stays in the canister. It won't float back out into the air.

You'll also have tons of different cleaning tools with this vacuum. There's a tool for everything. You even have a Turbo Brush for pet hair. The tools allow you to clean delicate surfaces like furniture and drapes. They also allow you to get into the cracks and tight areas of your home.

Along with having two different speeds, the vacuum can also clean up both wet and dry messes. No matter if you spilled some milk or cereal, the vacuum can clean up both. It holds up to three liters of liquid.

This Sirena vacuum makes cleaning easier than ever thanks to its 2-speed cleaning modes.

What Reviewers Say

  • "We've used this vacuum for a months, and it stills clean just as strongly as if it were brand new."
  • "It's worth the money for how incredibly it cleans up pet hair and dirt."
  • "It works a lot like more expensive models but is way cheaper."
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Sirena vacuums vs Other Brands

Here's how Sirena vacuums compare to other popular vacuum brands.

Sirena vacuums vs Rainbow vacuums

Compared to Rainbow vacuums, Sirena vacuums are far more affordable. They both use water filtration to clean homes. However, you get more with Sirena vacuums. For one, you receive more cleaning tools with a Sirena.

The Sirena also offers two separate hoses for dry cleaning and wet cleaning. With a Rainbow, you only get one hose. That can make cleaning the hose a bit more difficult.

The water reservoir on the Sirena vacuum is also larger than the Rainbow one. You're able to clean more and stop less to empty out the reservoir.

Sirena vacuums vs Dyson vacuums

Compared to Dyson vacuums, Sirena offers water filtration. Dyson does not. If you're looking for a vacuum that has water filtration, then Dyson won't have anything for you. 

Another big difference is the price. Dysons are incredibly expensive compared to Sirena vacuums.

You also can't add any scents to your carpet through a Dyson because it uses cyclone technology. Both use HEPA filters, although not all Dysons do.

If you want to ensure the allergens in your home are removed, then Sirena has the upper hand.

Sirena vacuums vs Quantum vacuums

Compared to Quantum vacuums, Sirena is more expensive. Quantum also uses water filtration except it doesn't use any other kind of filter as well. It relies solely on the water to capture the allergens in the home.

Sirena has a HEPA filter as well. This ensures that larger debris like pet hair is captured. It offers one more way to filter the dirt and dust in your home.

Quantums do offer a cleaning mode timer that enables it to clean the area for a set time. You need to manually keep track of the time when using a Sirena vacuum.

Sirena vacuums vs Miele vacuums

Compared to Miele vacuums, Miele does not use water filtration. It has both bagged and bagless vacuums instead. It also uses a HEPA filter. While the HEPA filter may do a great job of capturing allergens in the air, you still have a problem with the bag and canister.

When you empty those out, you're always going to release some of the allergens back into the air.

With a Sirena, that isn't the problem. It's inside of the water. It easily goes into your trash to be disposed of later.

There's also a difference in price. Many Miele models are about the same price as a Sirena or are more expensive. A few are cheaper. However, the cheaper models come with fewer tools and features.

Sirena vacuums vs Kalorik vacuums

Compared to Kalorik vacuums, the Sirena vacuum is better quality. Its parts are more durable and it lasts longer. 

Kalorik is cheaper than Sirena vacuums, but they also use cheaper materials.

Both use water filtration to clean floors. Kalorik can also be used as a wet/dry vacuum like Sirena.

They have a similar caddy design that makes it easier to move it around and store tools on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sirena vacuums worth it?

Sirena vacuums are worth it if you suffer from allergies. Using water filtration is an effective way to keep allergens from entering the air again. It's a problem that many vacuum cleaners that rely on suction alone face.

It does require a bit more maintenance than bagged vacuums. You need to clean the water reservoir out after every use. That added step may turn some people off from the vacuum.

Finally, you get a ton of different tools with the vacuum. Each tool almost acts like a cleaning device in itself. You're able to get so much more done based on the tools that the vacuum provides.

Where are Sirena vacuums made?

Sirena vacuums are made in China, but they're owned by a Canadian company. The company is called Sirena, Inc.

Why should I buy a Sirena vacuum?

There are a few reasons you should buy a Sirena vacuum. The first is if you suffer from allergies or asthma. 

Water filtration vacuums do a better job of removing allergens from the air than standard suction vacuums. With fewer allergens in the air, you're able to breathe better. Your quality of life can improve.

You'll also have to do less dusting because there's less dust being pushed around in the air. By investing in a Sirena vacuum, you can make doing chores in your home a lot easier.

Another reason to buy a Sirena vacuum is because of the added ability to deodorize your home. 

If you have smelly carpets or furniture, then Sirena vacuums can help. You're able to use scents in the water. As you use the vacuum, the scent disperses throughout the home. It can make your home smell fresh and clean.

One final reason to buy a Sirena vacuum is that it's far more affordable than other water filtration vacuums. You get the same power and quality of cleanliness without an expensive price tag attached to it.

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