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December 31, 2021

5 Best Wallpaper Steamers in 2022

Wallpaper steamers make removing wallpaper a breeze.

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Our Top 5 Picks

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The best wallpaper steamers use only heat and water to remove wallpaper.

Wallpaper can either make a room much more lively or lay dormant on the wall as an eyesore.

Some homeowners must peel off wallpaper, which can be a difficult and tedious task when done with a scraper and solvent. But there is hope.

Wallpaper steamers are useful because they quickly remove wallpaper with only heat and water.

They're pressed firmly on the wallpaper until the adhesive softens, then pulled back with a scraper or the hands from that point.

Below are five of the best wallpaper steamers built for this wallpaper removal, steam cleaning, and even woodworking.

Keep reading to learn about the wallpaper steamers worth buying.

Our Top 5 Picks (Comparison)
Wagner Spraytech Wallpaper Steam Cleaner For Easy Wallpaper Removal
  • Best Wallpaper Steamer Overall
  • Wagner
Wagner Spraytech On-Demand Steam Cleaner & Wallpaper Remover
  • Best Multi-Purpose Wallpaper Steamer
  • Wagner
Wagner Spraytech 1-Gallon Wallpaper Steamer For Wallpaper Removal
  • Best 1-Gallon Wallpaper Steamer
  • Wagner
BLACK+DECKER 2400W Wallpaper Steamer Stripper With Pad
  • Best Black And Decker Wallpaper Steamer
Earlex Steam Generator, 1.3 Gallon Capacity
  • Best Affordable Wallpaper Steamer
  • Earlex

Wagner Spraytech Wallpaper Steam Cleaner For Easy Wallpaper Removal

Weight: 5.15 pounds

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Dimensions: ‎12.5 x 8.5 x 8 inches


  • Quickly creates steam that comes out in less than five minutes
  • Two steamer heads are included for tight spaces and large, exposed walls
  • On a full tank of water, steam will generate for over an hour
  • The length of the hose is ideal for people working with high ceilings
  • No calcium buildup in the tubing or reservoir over time


  • There's no switch to turn the device on or off, must be deactivated by unplugging

Upon first viewing the steamer, the Wagner Spraytech Cleaner looks like something that one would use to iron clothing left suspended on hangers.

But this is built primarily for wallpaper removal. It works to swiftly heat water into steam. From there, it travels up the hose toward the steam plate.

The steam plate has a handle on its back. It doesn't heat up excessively to an uncomfortable level. You can work for hours with the cleaner and the handle will stay slightly above room temperature.

Once the tank is filled with water, you'll get a little over an hour of steam. That's enough to handle a large piece of wall, though not an entire room.

For an average-sized room, allow yourself at least four hours of scraping to completely remove wallpaper with the Spraytech.

Additionally, it's safe for you to use water from the tap on this device. Give it a rinse once you're done with it and no calcium buildup will develop.

If you have high ceilings such as those in a studio apartment or loft, this will strip the old wallpaper without you needing to shift your position every ten minutes.

The hose is long and provides the necessary reach to keep your arms from becoming strained.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "Did an excellent job of removing old 1970s wallpaper"
  2. "The steam never leaked on my arm or hands."
  3. "The hose length is what sold me on this steamer."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Wagner Spraytech On-Demand Steam Cleaner & Wallpaper Remover

Weight: 13.07 pounds

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Dimensions: 20.25 x 12.5 x 11.38 inches


  • Transport-friendly design that takes up little room when storing
  • Great for removing wallpaper and cleaning floors
  • Has 18 different attachments and accessories for cleaning
  • Cleans up residue, including old wallpaper, from the corners of doors and walls
  • Microfiber attachment allows the steamer to be used to clean leather furniture and car interiors


  • If the steamer is left in a stationary position for several minutes, pressure could build and cause backsplash
  • No carrying case to store the accessories

Steam cleaners are very practical and versatile. Some of them can function as wallpaper removers, floor cleaners, and even car detailers by way of possessing the right accessories. This is exactly what the Spraytech On-Demand Steam Cleaner is shooting for.

Its specialty is to be an all-in-one tool for anything relating to cleaning and removing debris with steam. For homes and apartments undergoing renovation, this can get the interior spaces looking fresh again. But how is this possible?

Take a look at the accessories provided with the main steamer console.

There are 18 pieces total and some of the attachments hook up the same way a vacuum or carpet cleaner connects to a hose end. When this is done, you can steam clean floors, furniture, bathrooms, and exposed concrete.

Steam cleaning is ideal for anyone looking to make their home more eco-friendly. Using fewer harsh chemicals to keep a home clean can detoxify a home and make it safer for small children and pets. But as a wallpaper stripper, it works flawlessly.

Great for large walls requiring extendable attachments. The steamer is helpful to people that want an alternative way to clean hard floors.o

What Reviewers Say

  1. "Tried it on my floors and they've never looked cleaner."
  2. "The accessories give it the most value."
  3. "Probably the most versatile cleaning machine I've ever used."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Wagner Spraytech 1-Gallon Wallpaper Steamer For Wallpaper Removal

Weight: 5.63 pounds

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Dimensions: 13 x 12.6 x 8.75 inches


  • Retains heat well and is safe to pick up when the water is hot
  • Recommended for wallpaper that's impossible to move with a scraper
  • Peels wallpaper off in large batches when in use
  • Doesn't leave much residue on the floor when steaming
  • Leaves no damages to underlying drywall


  • Has a thin handle that's uncomfortable to hold for a long time

If you've seen steamers in action, then you might know how important it is that the reservoir be large enough to keep the user from making too many stops.

One gallon is what Wagner's 1-Gallon Spraytech Steamer has shot for.

Physically the tank and the rest of its body are well built. If you must move it when in the middle of a pressing and scraping, you can pick it up by the handle on the top.

But if you were to hold it with both hands instead, your palms and fingertips wouldn't become scalded. The walls hold in heat well and protect the outside from getting too hot to the touch.

When removing wallpaper, you can get it all off and keep the existing drywall or sheetrock intact.

Maybe you'll want to do a bit of sanding anyway, but the steamer itself will cause no damage to your drywall.

You can also remove textured wallpaper with this, or even flat wallpaper that textured drywall.

The latter might take a bit longer to soften for removal and may leave a bigger mess on the floor than smooth drywall surfaces. Still, it beats going at it with only a scraper.

It's recommended that gloves be used when working with steamers, but your hands might feel better during long work with this Wagner steamer.

It gets a little hot. If you have sweaty palms or are sensitive to touching things that are warmer than average, buy some gloves with this product and everything should be fine.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "No need for concern over leaks."
  2. "Saved me lots of time from avoiding my scraper."
  3. "The steam plate covered large sections without flaking off."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

BLACK+DECKER 2400W Wallpaper Steamer Stripper With Pad

Weight: ‎5.39 pounds

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Dimensions: 12.6 x 13.19 x 9.45 inches


  • No hot water leaks when holding the steamer at an inverted angle
  • Handle is comfortable to hold even while the steamer is hot
  • Chances of overheating are minimal thanks to the strategically placed holes in the front
  • Tank is large enough to steam for about 20 minutes before a refill is needed
  • No complicated learning curve, strips in large amounts


  • Five-minute waiting period for the water in the unit to boil into steam

Black and Decker have scaled their number of products to a degree that they're found in almost any home appliance seller, both online and in brick and mortar facilities. Black and Decker also sells vacuum cleaners, which we recently reviewed.

The 2400W Wallpaper Steamer Stripper is recommended as a wallpaper stripper and has a durable handle, if not the best out of the five products shown.

The handle is advantageous to anyone that wants to keep their work comfortable. For this reason, the product doesn't do well in indoor environments that are closed off or hot.

The steam plate contains holes to keep drops of hot water from shooting out of the front when the steamer is removed from a wallpapered surface. It's a small safety perk, one that's great for people using steamers for the first time.

The tank holds four liters of water and lasts for about 20 minutes before needing a refill. This is lower than some of the steamers shown. But for small rooms or spot wallpaper removal, that's more than enough time.

Each Black and Decker steamer includes a guide that lists how the unit should be handled and maintained. It's easy to learn and takes no complicated pressing techniques to peel flat and textured wallpapers.

What Reviewers Say

  1. "Steam is consistent and never comes out as water."
  2. "Removed wallpaper from a small room in less than two hours."
  3. "Not too heavy, even when the tank is full."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Earlex Steam Generator, 1.3 Gallon Capacity

Weight: ‎4.01 pounds

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Dimensions: ‎8.74 x 13.18 x 11.97 inches


  • No stiffness in the hose means it has a flexible design
  • Continuously steams for about two hours on a full tank
  • Safely attaches to any mass-produced or homemade steam box
  • Release valve on the steamer's body lowers the pressure in the tank for safe handling
  • Comes with an instructional guidebook for building a DIY steam box


  • No way of knowing when the steamer is plugged in, no LED indicators

The Earlex SS77USSG finishes off this review as another multi-use steamer. No steam plate is included here as the product's primary appeal is to woodworking and carpentry. Besides lacking a plate, it has all the basic features of the steamers detailed.

For the DIY enthusiast or anyone interested in woodworking as a hobby, this is a vital tool for building ornaments, furniture, and home appliances with wood bending techniques.

A booklet provided with the steamer lists everything needed, including detailed instructions to build a steam box. A steam box helps to soften the wood for bending into the woodworker's desired shape.

Steam should last for about two hours. In that time, the Earlex's hose and body never become insanely hot on the outside, or seep steams from the reservoir.

This steamer has no LED indicator switches, or lights to show when it's on. The only way is by looking at the steam from the translucent tank or seeing steam come from the other end of the hose.

A pressure switch can control pressure buildup before it travels away from the tank, so no high risk of steam shooting out of the other side.

Is the SS77USSG worth it?

Yes, more so for anyone with an interest or profession in woodworking.

The steamer is convertible into a wallpaper removing tool provided one has a steam plate, but it's not an accessory for this piece.e

What Reviewers Say

  1. "A nice addition to my woodshop."
  2. "Recommended for hobbyists."
  3. "Built a custom guitar with this steamer."

Dimensions: | Weight: | Cord Length: | Battery Life: | Bin Volume: | Ease of Emptying: | Compatible Floor Type:

Our Top 5 Picks (Comparison)
Wagner Spraytech Wallpaper Steam Cleaner For Easy Wallpaper Removal
  • Best Wallpaper Steamer Overall
  • Wagner
Wagner Spraytech On-Demand Steam Cleaner & Wallpaper Remover
  • Best Multi-Purpose Wallpaper Steamer
  • Wagner
Wagner Spraytech 1-Gallon Wallpaper Steamer For Wallpaper Removal
  • Best 1-Gallon Wallpaper Steamer
  • Wagner
BLACK+DECKER 2400W Wallpaper Steamer Stripper With Pad
  • Best Black And Decker Wallpaper Steamer
Earlex Steam Generator, 1.3 Gallon Capacity
  • Best Affordable Wallpaper Steamer
  • Earlex

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wallpaper steamers really work?

Ask anyone with experience in stripping wallpaper and they'll tell you that steamers work and are much faster than trying to scrape away the adhesive with a run-of-the-mill spray.

Truthfully, sprays are better than nothing at all but can create a messy floor that's troublesome to deal with during later cleanup. With steamers, these issues are either minimized or avoidable. But there is some learning that much is done.

For steamers to work with good results, users should read up as much as they can about wallpaper removal with the steam and scrape technique. It's not that it's hard, but more on the lines of it being unknown by the people taking part in the work.

Homeowners may do this themselves instead of hiring out a company. There are videos online showing different ways steamers can remove the paper. When looking into these, you should stick to what's relevant to your situation, and someone using the same product that you own.

The basics for using a steamer are as follows:

  • Remove residue - Before peeling, try and remove as much dirt and debris from the walls as you can. It doesn't have to be perfect, but things like nails, staples, dust, and mold could slow you down at best, and cause an allergic reaction at worst.
  • Prepare the steamer - Many steamers will activate with a simple design, some of them by just plugging it into an outlet. Fill up the tank with water that's clean. Filtered water is best. Nevertheless, don't be afraid of the tap if you'll clean out the steamer later. It should take about five to ten minutes for most steamers to heat the water to begin pressing.
  • Press the steam plate on the wallpaper - Where you begin is important but depends on the layout and size of the walls. You may want to start from the top and work your way down or scrape the wallpaper sideways. Try to keep the plate on the wallpaper for 10-20 seconds before going to the next section. Scrape the area that was just pressed, then move on until the wallpaper is completely off.

Wallpaper removal is a job that's best done with an accomplice, someone that can either scrap as another handles the steamer or move the steamer when needed. Use a step stool for quicker coverage but be careful not to lose your balance.

Is It worth renting a wallpaper steamer?

You should only rent a wallpaper steamer when it'll be used one time, and no more. They're like vacuum and carpet cleaner rentals, good for one-time use but not recommended for people that want to use them in more than one sitting, or for more than one purpose.

As steamers, these tools fall into different categories of use, including as an alternative or secondary option to cleaning floors, kitchens, tile, walls in general. Plus, with the right setup, steamers make good sources of moisture for woodworking that involves bending various objects into different shapes.

How long does it take to steam wallpaper?

Steam is essentially hot water vapor that expands. When it touches an adhesive, the bonding agents in the glue separate and loosen up, forcing whatever the adhesive away from the surface being treated.

The hot steam doesn't do this in a matter of seconds. When you place a steam plant on a section of wallpaper, let it press down into the area you want to remove for at least a couple of seconds.

For removing layered wallpaper, it might be necessary for you to press down on the material a bit longer. Patience is key here. Attempting to rush to the steaming process can result in parts of the wallpaper being unable to come off. And if this happens, you could find yourself going back over parts of the wall that were left unfinished.

Take your time with whatever wallpaper you want to get up. Consider getting assistance to make the work go by smoother. H

aving someone that can help you also cuts down the time. Steaming is already a time shaver compared to other wallpaper removing methods, but more than one person helping in the work can shorten it even further.

Will steam remove wallpaper?

Steam quickly takes off wallpaper and even other items such as wood glue, duct tape, graphite, some marker inks, and clear tape.

These are commonly found on walls and may linger behind the wallpaper that you intend to remove. But with a high-quality steamer, all of these bonding objects will come off, sometimes in the same condition when they were bonded to the wall from the beginning.

To keep your steaming working long into the future, remember to clean after every use. This doesn't entail soap and water all the time. A rinse in the sink is all that it can take to flush out any buildup in the interior pieces.

The best water to use for prolonging the use of a steamer is distilled water since it contains no notable traces of metals that could build in the inside and cause clogging.

This is a suggestion that's better for professionals that want to keep their steamer working after many hours of activity. For the average homeowner, any water is fine.


Check that the wallpaper steamer you buy has everything you need to take your wallpaper off as fast as possible.

Some of the products have loads of accessories while others don't. There are steamers better for wood projects than wallpaper, and steamers able to clean and disinfect homes.

No two steamers are completely alike, which makes knowing what to choose more essential than the average product comparisons.

One would think that tools used for the creation of steam would be rudimentary in their features and uses.

While they are basic in some ways, the job people use them for is cause for research into steamers, how to operate them, and where they stand among other approaches to removing wallpaper.

They're assured to give splendid results in more ways than one.