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Electrostatic Backpack Sprayers

Grifco Electrostatic Disinfecting Backpack

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The Grifco Electrostatic Disinfecting Backpack is one of the best sprayers on the market today. The sprayer puts out a droplet size of 40 m which helps evenly distribute disinfectant spray as efficiently as possible. In effect, this helps improve the spraying effect by about 10 times. This reduces disinfectant use by over half, compared to traditional spraying. Unlike other sprayers, this backpack sprayers doesn't require a second cleaning or air dry to remove chemicals due to its even surface application. It is easily carried on your back and can run for around 3 hours on just a single battery charge. It can spray solutions anywhere from 6 to 9 ft which allows big coverage from just a single-use.  The storage capacity on this sprayer is 1 L which can be used to disinfect around 9000 square feet. It can also easily be used at night as the sprayers noise level is around 60 decibels, significantly lower then most sprayers on the market.


• Weight: 22lbs
• Spray Distance: 6-10 FT
• Tank Capacity: 1L
• Cover Area: 10,700 sq ft/tank
• Flow Rate: 60-100ml/min
• Run Time: 180min
• Dimension: 14.9”*9.0”*18.8”

Efficient: Droplets are uniform in size (40μm) to achieve an optimal coverage and will cover the target surface in 360° radius.
Economical: The cover area of 1/4gal disinfectant is more than 10,700 sq.ft. Disinfectant consumption is reduced by over 50%
Timesaving: Save over 35% of your time completing a job.
Convenient: Lithium battery life is estimated at 3,000 total full.
Quiet: Noise below 60 dB a moderate to quite level.


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